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11 Designs From Cancelled Steampunk Batman Game

The video game developers at Day 1 Studios had in the wings a late 19th Century-set "Gotham By Gaslight" based on the DC Comics' one-shot of the same name. For reasons unknown the Chicago-based outfit cancelled its plans for the steampunk Batman title, but artist Julie Farrell leaked her concept art designs of the menu and user interface for Arkham fanatics to feast their eyes on. Sounds kinda cruel to tease gamers like that, I know, but it's better than nothing.

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UPDATE: Per request of Day 1 Studios, Farrell has removed the "GBG" artwork from her site.




“If you are wondering why the menus are two different colors," says Farrell, "it was to represent Bruce/Batman. The Brown Scheme signified Bruce’s timeline of how he became the Batman figure ... when he was Batman, the Blue Scheme represented that."