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Boners BBQ's Social Media Boner

A local woman visited Boners BBQ in Atlanta, used a coupon and left a bad review on Yelp; afterwards, owner Andrew Capron posted an angry rant on the restaurant's Facebook and Twitter pages. She also may or may not have left a bad tip -- but Capron definitely asked her to "play hide and go fuck yourself" before making fun of her picture, so it's kind of easy to see who's to blame here.

Here's her (fairly mild) Yelp review:

Read the rest of it here.

Screenshot of the Boners BBQ post (note Capron's responses)

Going Viral

From there, the story blew up all over, going from Reddit to The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and social media marketing sites.

Boners apologizes (kind of)

It's unclear if she didn't tip, or if the staff didn't understand the Scoutmob coupon she used. There's more minutiae in the Reddit posting.

Great local news coverage, too

"If you see this woman, tell her to go outside and play hide-n-go beep yourself," reports WSBTV Channel 2's Jeff Dore. "Yelp that, beep!" Yes, he really says the "beeps."

And this is Boners BBQ

Clearly, the classiest joint in Atlanta.

Good thing they registered that slogan.