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23 Funny Things About Living In America Only Brits Will Get


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1. People are constantly amazed by your accent.

Comedy Central

You hear "OMG ARE YOU BRITISH" multiple times a day – you just begin to expect it every time you open your mouth.

7. Even though you've tried to explain that Britain doesn't mean London.

"I love British accents😍👌" which one, there are a few #britishproblemsnight

9. You will NEVER, EVER be able to get a decent cup of tea.

I asked the waiter at the restaurant for a cup of tea and he brought me a glass of ice. Where did I go wrong

15. You will never get used to making eye contact with someone through the gap in the bathroom door.

When you're sitting on the toilet and you make eye contact with someone through that little crack in the door

17. And the anticipation for Christmas starts before it’s even getting dark early.

Christmas decorations out on October 1?? Really Target? Really?

Everybody knows that Bonfire Night is when the countdown to Christmas really starts.

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