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    Kendall Jenner Did A Ballet Shoot For Vogue And People Are Pissed

    "Ballet dancers don't train 7+ hours a day, 7 days a week, to be represented by Kendall Jenner and her dodgy feet."

    Kendall Jenner is the cover star of Vogue España this month and appears in a ballet-themed shoot.

    Kendall posted the video on her Instagram, which shows her dancing around a ballet studio wearing pointe shoes – and people did not like it.

    Seriously, people are pissed.

    Ballet dancers don't train 7+ hours a day, 7days a week, to be represented by Kendall Jenner & her dodgy feet....

    Many are annoyed that Kendall, rather than an actual ballerina, was featured in the video.

    Why did Kendall Jenner do a ballet photo shoot INSTEAD OF AN ACTUAL BALLERINA.

    Others have pointed out the dangers of using pointe shoes without training.

    Kendall Jenner's ballet photo shoot is literally SO offensive you can't just put on pointe shoes and go for it oh my god

    And some people have even accused Kendall Jenner of appropriating ballet culture.

    Ballet is such high art and coming from someone who's spent years in the studio, it's almost offensive to see Kendall act "cute" in it.

    The Kardashian and Jenner clan have been called out for appropriation before. Just last week, Kendall walked in a Marc Jacobs show that was criticised for giving white models dreadlocks.

    And some people have found the outrage about the shoot hypocritical as a result.

    Are ballet dancers really getting pissed about Kendall Jenner's ballet photoset and NOT the fact that she appropriated dreadlocks??? Really?

    Good news: white people finally understand cultural appropriation Bad news: only within the context of Kendall Jenner "appropriating" ballet

    okay cool, you're offended that kendall jenner did a ballet shoot but where is your outrage when she appropriates black culture?

    Ballet dancer Allison DeBona weighed in on the controversy and posted a Facebook status that went viral.

    And, never one to miss out on drama, Naomi Campbell went on to share this photo of herself in pointe shoes, which ~could~ be in support of Kendall.

    And plenty of other people spoke out in support of Kendall.

    Lots have been bashing Kendall Jenner lately for her latest Vogue ballet cover. If there's anyone to blame, it's Vogue, not Kendall haha 😒

    How much stress must ur life be if Kendall Jenner modelling as a ballet dancer annoys you lol

    Never let it be said that the Kardashians and Jenners don’t bring the drama!