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Everyone Stop What You’re Doing And Check Out These Awesome Cakes

They're Cake Boss worthy.

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She currently has over 2 million subscribers and posts weekly tutorials on how to create the most amazing cakes possible!

It's hard to believe that some of her cakes are actually made up of cake because they're so realistic, such as this Grilled Cheese cake.

She also creates cakes made for special occasions, such as this one for the CEO of YouTube's birthday.

If you would like to see the video in real time, check out How To Cake it on YouTube!

And if you love Pokemon Go then you must check out this cake!

Instagram: @yolanda_gampp

Doesn't that cake look so cool?

This could be the most mesmerizing cake video to watch.

Instagram: @yolanda_gampp

And, not to mention, the cake looks delicious.

One of Yolanda's most famous cakes is her watermelon.

Instagram: @yolanda_gampp

Don't you wish that you could eat that cake?

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