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27 Insane Tumblr Realizations That'll Make You Question Your Existence

Say what?

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1. This concept that'll blow your mind:

2. If you haven't screamed yet, you definitely will at this:

3. Are you scared yet?

4. This post, showing that women might not be as innocent as we think:

5. And this one, that'll make your jaw drop:

6. This truly genius discovery:

7. How have you never thought of this?

8. This might make you scream:

9. This sad conclusion:

10. This unknown historical event:

11. This "fun fact" parody:

12. What a valid question:

13. This sarcastic approach:

14. This unbelievable theory:

15. Shook:

16. This is nacho problem:

17. Seriously, stop:

18. This is not the time for jokes:

19. This meaningful realization might calm you down:

20. This craziness:

21. This truth about aging:

22. This post, proving that thigh gaps aren't the best thing:

23. This weird fact:

24. This proposition:

25. This strange future:

26. This funny truth:

27. And perhaps the most shocking realization of them all:

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