16 Hilariously Weird Food Questions People Have Asked Yahoo! Answers

    "Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?"

    1. This tempting crime.

    2. The stupidity behind this question.

    3. This concerning fact.

    4. The regret that this person must have felt.

    5. This incredibly odd wonder.

    6. The many weird aspects of this question.

    7. Just... why?

    8. Excuse me?

    9. You've got to ~pee~ kidding me.

    10. This strange conspiracy.

    11. This question that has a very simple answer: they don't.

    12. This uneducated question.

    13. And another uneducated question.

    14. This foolishness.

    15. This gross problem.

    16. And finally, this very serious concern.

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