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    17 Nostalgic Things I Found In My Parents' House That Came Straight Out Of A 2000s Time Machine

    You've never seen so much Hannah Montana merch in your life.

    My name is Abby, and I'm a Gen Z-Millennial cusper. I grew up with lots of Disney, Club Penguin, and Webkinz — if it's from the 2000s, odds are I loved it.

    So, upon returning to my parents' house, I decided to root through the drawers and closets in the basement to see if I could find any nuggets from the late 2000s and early 2010s. And boy, did I find some gems.

    1. This beloved CD player, which actually still has a Rihanna CD in it, but unfortunately no longer works.

    2. These smelly coloured pencils, which were all the rage in elementary school.

    3. These books, which I'm sure will sell for lots of money one day. The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical and Zoey 101 are three absolute CLASSICS.

    4. And these Hannah Montana books, which undoubtedly came in a boxed set.

    5. These old teen magazines, with hilarious pics and captions, from a much simpler time.

    6. These wigs, which I wore when I pretended I was Hannah Montana and Gabriella Montez.

    7. This singular Walkie-Talkie, with a morse code feature that I never understood as a kid.

    8. This Club Penguin book, which I'm pretty sure I only bought because it came with special secret items.

    9. This Hannah Montana microphone, which I used when I gave spectacular performances in my Hannah wig.

    10. These Webkinz pets, which, again, I only bought for the codes attached.

    11. These CDs (among many others), which I vividly remember blasting in my mom's old car.

    12. These Harry Potter dolls, which have a button on the back that activates the character's voice. Poor Hermione has no legs, though.

    13. These oh-so-adorable Club Penguin dolls, which I cannot believe I spent money on.

    14. This Hannah Montana DS game, which was AMAZING.

    15. These feather boas, which my sister and I used for dress-up. I truly have no recollection of buying or using these, but I'm sure we spent many hours wearing them.

    16. This treasure of a DVD, combining the three best shows in Disney Channel history. Thanks to Disney+, I still watch these episodes all the time and am flooded with nostalgia each time.

    17. And finally, this Sims 2 expansion pack, which I spent hours on end playing. It's safe to say no version of Sims ever lived up to Sims 2.