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    17 Nostalgic Things I Found In My Parents' House That Came Straight Out Of A 2000s Time Machine

    You've never seen so much Hannah Montana merch in your life.

    My name is Abby, and I'm a Gen Z-Millennial cusper. I grew up with lots of Disney, Club Penguin, and Webkinz — if it's from the 2000s, odds are I loved it.


    So, upon returning to my parents' house, I decided to root through the drawers and closets in the basement to see if I could find any nuggets from the late 2000s and early 2010s. And boy, did I find some gems.


    Get ready for some intense nostalgia.

    1. This beloved CD player, which actually still has a Rihanna CD in it, but unfortunately no longer works.

    Abby Zinman

    RIP CDs. We miss you.

    2. These smelly coloured pencils, which were all the rage in elementary school.

    Abby Zinman

    Sadly, I have no idea where the actual pencils are, but the scents are still there.

    3. These books, which I'm sure will sell for lots of money one day. The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical and Zoey 101 are three absolute CLASSICS.

    Abby Zinman

    Finding these was no surprise, because I was a big reader as a kid. And who could resist a Disney Channel junior novel?

    4. And these Hannah Montana books, which undoubtedly came in a boxed set.

    Abby Zinman

    Because just watching the show wasn't enough.

    5. These old teen magazines, with hilarious pics and captions, from a much simpler time.

    Abby Zinman

    From "I don't spend a lot on clothes!" to "Justin's secret texts to Selena!" — what a simpler time it was.

    6. These wigs, which I wore when I pretended I was Hannah Montana and Gabriella Montez.

    Abby Zinman

    I swear that it didn't sound as weird back then, as it does now.

    7. This singular Walkie-Talkie, with a morse code feature that I never understood as a kid.

    Abby Zinman

    To be honest, the speaker was hard to understand too but it made us feel like we were in Spy Kids.

    8. This Club Penguin book, which I'm pretty sure I only bought because it came with special secret items.

    Abby Zinman

    I maybe skimmed through it. Maybe.

    9. This Hannah Montana microphone, which I used when I gave spectacular performances in my Hannah wig.

    Abby Zinman

    I remember that one of the buttons played a Hannah song when you pushed it. I thought it was revolutionary.

    10. These Webkinz pets, which, again, I only bought for the codes attached.

    Abby Zinman

    I remember that amazing feeling of logging onto Webkinz with my stuffed pet in hand, thinking about what I was going to name it. Good times.

    11. These CDs (among many others), which I vividly remember blasting in my mom's old car.

    Abby Zinman

    I don't remember having a Glee CD, but seeing it today makes me impressed by my impeccable music taste as a kid.

    12. These Harry Potter dolls, which have a button on the back that activates the character's voice. Poor Hermione has no legs, though.

    Abby Zinman

    And what happened to Harry's glasses?

    13. These oh-so-adorable Club Penguin dolls, which I cannot believe I spent money on.

    Abby Zinman

    What was I thinking? The puffle is super cute though.

    14. This Hannah Montana DS game, which was AMAZING.

    Abby Zinman

    I just wish I could find my old DS to play it again.

    15. These feather boas, which my sister and I used for dress-up. I truly have no recollection of buying or using these, but I'm sure we spent many hours wearing them.

    Abby Zinman

    What bold fashion choices.

    16. This treasure of a DVD, combining the three best shows in Disney Channel history. Thanks to Disney+, I still watch these episodes all the time and am flooded with nostalgia each time.

    Abby Zinman

    This is one of the few things on this list that I don't regret buying. Who could regret buying such a MASTERPIECE?

    17. And finally, this Sims 2 expansion pack, which I spent hours on end playing. It's safe to say no version of Sims ever lived up to Sims 2.

    Abby Zinman

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bon Voyage was one of the best Sims expansion packs ever.