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    24 Sweaters That Are Basically Like Blankets You Can Wear

    If I have to leave my home when it's 3 degrees, you better believe I want to feel like I'm still in bed.

    1. A mock-turtleneck sweater in such a pretty creamy color you'll be dreaming about it every night as you sleep.

    2. A rainbow cardigan that'll make you want to twirl and sing at the top of your lungs, "Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"

    3. An oversized tunic sweater you can pair with leggings and tall boots to instantly look incredibly put together without even trying.

    4. An oversized-sleeve sweater that looks so chic people might mistake you for a Parisian.

    5. A hooded button-down lined with faux fur to basically give you an outfit mullet: business on the outside and coziness on the inside.

    6. A bell-sleeve sweater that'll make you the belle of the ball (or wherever you wear this, if you don't happen to be headed to a ball).

    7. An oversized cardigan you'll look just as good in snuggling on the couch as you will out to brunch with your friends.

    8. A casual V-neck you can wear with leggings or jeans alike.

    9. A crew sweater in a sweet color to wear during the transition from winter to spring when the temperature is like, "Nope, not yet."

    10. A cowl-neck pullover that will have you hugging yourself all day because it's so damn cute and cozy.

    11. A color-block number that'll help ~block~ the haters who say you already own too many sweaters. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

    12. An oversized lantern-sleeve sweater to help you light up the night, even if your friends say it's too cold to go out.

    13. A tie-waist cardigan that'll make you glad it's still sweater weather, even on those chillier days into spring when everyone's complaining about how cold it is.

    14. A cardigan with pocket and sleeve accents, because your go-to cardigan needs a rest — you'll be racking up all the compliments when you wear this one.

    15. A sweater I can't even cowl-culate how much I love. It's just so simple yet stunning.

    16. A turtleneck sweaterdress you can wear all alone or with a belt, so it's basically two outfits in one.

    17. A leopard-print cardigan people will go wild for — you may have to stop them from trying to take this from your closet when you're not looking.

    18. An embroidered cardigan that'll take you Up, Up and Away from your usual sweater game to a whole new level.

    19. A knee-length marled sweater because your legs deserve to stay warm for the rest of winter too.

    20. A classic turtleneck you seriously can't go wrong with, so you might as well just get one in every color.

    21. A kimono-style sweater that's basically a big blanket with a belt that'll still make people ooh and ahh as you walk by — aka a win-win.

    22. A crewneck with a chic new take on wearing your heart on your sleeve.

    23. A sweater with an open front you can wear as a cardigan or a pullover, so you can easily get away with wearing it two times a week.

    24. A geometric Fair Isle pullover that's an updated version of your grandma's "ugly" sweater you'll be so happy to wear.

    Me when it gets too warm to wear sweaters:

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