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    33 Things That'll Make You More Stylish Than You've Ever Been

    New year, new wardrobe — obviously.

    1. A drop-waist dress with a slouchy neckline and in a darling plaid I need to keep going on about how cute this thing is?!

    2. A high-waisted pleated skirt that'll have you feelin' anything BUT blue — like, I'm pretty sure it's mandatory to twirl in this everywhere you go.

    3. A stylish and affordable fedora for instantly tying together whatever outfit you throw on, no matter the season. Ya might as well get one in every color!

    4. A fleece-lined jacket so trendy, you'll want to wear it with everything (and you should).

    5. A leopard print duster cardigan, because a sweater this cute deserves to be in your closet.

    6. Velvet flats featuring an embellished detailing. I know what's going to be the shining star of your wardrobe!

    7. A tailored blazer accented with tons of gold buttons that'll give your other suit jackets a run for their money.

    8. A simple pashmina scarf available in TONS (and I mean tons) of colors you need to stock up on, stat.

    9. A flirty dress with bell sleeves so effortlessly chic and ridiculously cheap, you won't be able to pass it up.

    10. A fashionable watch that only *looks* expensive so your wallet can be just as happy as your accessories collection when it sees this beauty.

    11. A ruffled velvet dress that'll make a ~smooth~ transition from cocktail hour to fancy winter events. TL;DR: You can get a ton of wear out of this gorgeous number.

    12. A fluffy, faux-fur jacket in a vibrant color that'll make you want to spend time out in the cold just to show it off.

    13. Over-the-knee boots that prove you don't have to drop an arm and a leg (plus your entire paycheck) to stay on trend.

    14. A thin moto belt for adding some easy charm to those new high-waisted jeans you got for Christmas.

    15. A pair of sequined tights to give you a leg up on polished dressing. Your basic tights could never.

    16. An iridescent cross-body purse for some ~sweet~ arm candy you'll never want to take off.

    17. Ridiculously cute moto camo pants your closet is begggginggg you to buy. I mean, it's practically groveling.

    18. Square cat eye sunnies that are as equally cute as they are affordable...meaning you should 100% buy a couple pairs.

    19. A sheer, lace cardigan guaranteed to become your go-to piece for easy day-to-night looks.

    20. A velvet cami because your plain white tee could use a break, and this is the perfect substitute.

    21. A big fluffy sweater you'll want to wear to ALL your casual occasions. Brunch? Yup. Dinner? Double yes. Work? You betcha.

    22. Thick gold twist hoops people will think you got at some high-end boutique — when in reality, you're just a trendy Etsy shopper.

    23. A lace bodice jumpsuit you could wear to work with a cute blazer, and then straight to happy hour. And then maybe to bed, and on the weekends, and just all the time.

    24. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings that'll amp up any ordinary top and take your outfit from meh to instantly fabulous.

    25. Girlfriend jeans with a tapered-leg fit and frayed hem because no closet — I repeat, no closet — can ever own too much denim. Those are just facts.

    26. A multipack of geometric mesh socks so even your feet can work their best ~angles~.

    27. Actually adorable rain boots that'll have you wishin' for a rainy day.

    28. A loose-fitting and super-soft maxi tee so you can strut your stuff down the damn street while staying incredibly comfy...and those are two things that need to go together more often.

    29. An embroidered tunic dress with bell sleeves to give your ensemble a sweet poppy of color.

    30. A peplum blouse featuring a cage neckline and cutouts that's sure to get you at least a hundred, where did you get that?

    31. A dainty layered necklace you can pair with all your favorite looks. Sorry in advance to all your other necklaces.

    32. A button-front denim skirt and a matching belt so versatile, you'll have tons of OOTD winners.

    33. And a bow scrunchie that'll add some easy style to what is otherwise a lazy (but still cute!) outfit.

    Now, go get your strut on.

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