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    28 Pairs Of Sneakers That Hundreds Of People Swear By

    No need to ~sole~ search, these styles already come with a stamp of approval.

    1. A pair of Asics Gel-Venture running shoes with almost 5,000 five-star reviews raving about how comfortable *and* cute they are.

    2. Greats sneakers you don't have to worry about breaking in, because they're ready to go right out of the box and will not give you blisters.

    3. Soda perforated slip ons in an animal print to help show off your ~wild~ side. And by "~wild~ side," I mean your ability to pair these with everything you have in your closet.

    4. Saucony running shoes with an extra padded insole great for anyone who is prone to shin-splints, because that shouldn't be a thing that happens when you go for a run.

    The sneaker in grey with teal detailing

    5. Keds x Kate Spade glitter sneaks you'll ~glitter-ly~ be obsessed with the moment you take them out of the box. They will feel like a fancy party on your feet every time you wear them.

    The low top sneaker with white sole, rose gold glitter all over the body and ribbon-like laces

    6. Sneakers with a mesh top so you can put them on in approximately .5 seconds as you head out to the grocery store.

    Model wearing the sneakers with a knit design in black and white

    7. A perforated slip-on sneaker great to wear even on the hottest of days because the fabric allows air to get in and keep your feet cool.

    8. Saucony Cohesion 10s you'll be ~running~ to put on in the morning when you wake up and want to head out for a quick workout before taking on whatever else your day brings.

    Reviewer wearing the sneakers with a thick white sole, and a grey, black, and red design with grey laces

    9. Sorel Kinetic sneakers I can't ~lie-lac~ about — I'm going to be dreaming about them for a long time because the color and style is SO great.

    The shoes with oversized scalloped sole,s grey on the heels, and lilac knit body with lilac laces

    10. Superga sneakers Kate Middleton has been seen wearing on multiple occasions, so you could say they come with a royal stamp of approval.

    Model's foot with the sneaker it white with a low-top style, white laces, and thick sole

    11. A Bangs high-top style made with a canvas material, so they're are environmentally-friendly and ready to support you on whatever adventure you take them on.

    The canvas high-top sneaker in brown with brown laces

    12. Reebok Princess sneakers that have minimal arch support, which is actually great if you have flat feet and don't want the pain that sometimes comes with shoes that *do* have more support.

    13. Allbirds tree runners made out of eucalyptus tree fiber so they're eco-friendly and incredibly breathable so you can wear them on even the warmest of days.

    Model wearing the knit sneakers in blue with blue laces and white soles

    14. A wedge fashion sneak (designed so the wedge is somewhat hidden) for when you need a little ~lift~ but don't want to broadcast it to the world. It's okay, these shoes are here for you.

    The sneaker with a wedge in the sole and patches of white, light pink, mauve, and burgundy throughout

    15. A sneaker with a ruched elastic back so you can slip these on in seconds and not worry about pesky laces and ties.

    The low-top sneaker in black with ruching in the heel and white laces and sole

    16. Saucony Bullet shoes that have a lower profile and slim silhouette to echo a vintage style that'll fit your old-school vibe.

    17. Slide-ons designed with a drop-in heel, so you can essentially wear these two different ways, meaning you get two shoes for the price of one.

    The slide-ones with a knit top and drop-in heel in orange with white sole

    18. High tops that'll ~light up~ your life and make you want to have a dance party in your living room just so you can wear them more.

    Reviewer wearing the high-top sneakers in shiny gold with a stripe of LED lights around the sole

    19. Dr. Scholl's fashion sneakers you'll be wearing for years because they're a basic you'll never go wrong with.

    20. Sneakers that look like the real deal but instead of laces, they have elastic across the top so you can slip these on at a moment's notice.

    Camouflage shoes with white soles

    21. A pair of breathable sports shoes you can wear all weekend long as you run every errand you put off during the week. That's what Saturday and Sunday are for, right?

    Reviewer's feet wearing the knit sneakers in pink with a white sole

    22. Cole Haan tennis shoes that put all the other tennis shoes in your closet to shame. These will look so sleek and sophisticated on your feet.

    The leather tennis shoes in off-white with white sole and white laces

    23. Chunky iridescent lace-ups so unique that random people may stop you on the street to ask you where you bought them.

    Reviewer pic of the shoes with a chunky white sole and shiny iridescent fabric all over the rest of the shoe

    24. Apl sneakers made with a 3D-stretch knit so they're lightweight but still supportive enough to take a workout class on.

    The knit sneaker in all white with white laces and sole

    25. Puma Tazon cross-trainers with a TPU shank that adds more stability so you can wear these to workout when you're doing things other than just running.

    26. Adidas sneakers you might as well buy two pairs of so you have a backup when the first pair inevitably gets too run-down and dirty from how much you'll trek around in them.

    adidas superstar shoes with three black stripes on either side

    27. Cheetah-print high-top sneakers you can wear with your favorite jeans and white T-shirt and look stylish as hell.

    Three part image of the high-top sneaker showing the side and top view with the light brown and black pattern and black elastic on either side

    28. And a pair of Rainbow wave sneakers to add a pop of color and fun to your outfit that'll make you smile as soon as you put them on.

    White sneakers with embroidered rainbow along the outsides and embroidered sun in yellow and orange along the insides

    Me showing off my new kicks to everyone I see:

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