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    29 Pieces Of Furniture You Can Get On Sale At The Home Depot Right Now

    Your home called and said it's time for a few upgrades.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A faux leather storage ottoman to stash all those extra pillows and blankets you have lying around for when your family comes and stays over around the holidays.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $135 (originally $168.75; available in black and brown)

    2. A sofa with pocket on the side – slide your remote in it so you always know exactly where it is.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $427.27 (originally $610.39)

    3. A trio stand to give your plant babies a home worthy of showing off on Insta.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $76.04 (originally $84.49)

    4. A round coffee table that'll give your living room that modern, minimalist feel you've been spotting everywhere.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $135.20 (originally $169; also available in grey and light brown)

    5. A five-piece padded patio dining set just in time to turn your outside area into a place you can relax and enjoy (now that the summer is almost here).

    The Home Depot

    It includes the glass table and four padded swivel motion chairs. Plus, the glass has a whole to place an umbrella, if needed.

    Price: $449 (originally $599)

    6. A five-shelf wall ladder to display books and trinkets in a nice and organized fashion.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $92.81 (originally $123.74; also available in brown and black)

    7. A six-drawer dresser you'll be able to fit all your clothes into nicely (since you've probably partaken in the Marie Kondo movement). This dresser will for sure bring you joy.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $246.40 (originally $308)

    8. A three-piece table and stool set perfect for a small apartment where space (and storage) is at a minimum.

    The Home Depot

    It comes with the a table with three storage shelves and two bar stools.

    Price: $165.18 (originally $206.48)

    9. A small side table that'll give you a place to rest your drinks and snacks instead of playing a game of chance by balancing them on the arm of the couch.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $28.80 (originally $32; also available in clear)

    10. A set of two upholstered arm chairs to add some extra seating to your living room – you can only squeeze so many people on your couch!

    The Home Depot

    Price: $191.21 (originally $239.01)

    11. A console table guests will probably think you got at some fancy-schmancy store; they'll be shocked when you tell them how much you scored this for.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $194.65 (originally $229; also available in dark oak and light oak)

    12. A platform metal bed frame because no mattress ever should be left on the ground (👀 looking at you!).

    The Home Depot

    Price: $149.52 (originally $166.13)

    13. A console table to artfully display all those coffee table books you've accumulated over the years as gifts. (Side note: why are coffee table books considered great gifts?)

    The Home Depot

    Price: $187.44 (originally $234.30)

    14. A storage bench that'll give you a place to sit and take your shoes off when they weather is not nice outside. There will no longer be a reason for your family to drag mud and water all over the place!

    The Home Depot

    Price: $84.74 (originally $94.16; available in four colors)

    15. A dining chair that'll add a ~clear~ statement to your home: that you know exactly the design vibe you want.

    Home Depot

    Price: $67.07 (originally $83.84; available in seven colors)

    16. A five-tier shelf to make you feel like your stuff is basically in a museum.

    Home Depot

    Price: $337.41 (originally $449.88)

    17. A media console with an electric fireplace because there's nothing much better than snuggling under a blanket with the fire on and watching a movie on a Friday night.

    The Home Depot

    It also has two side cabinets with two adjustable shelves.

    Price: $359.20 (originally $449; also available in oak)

    18. A brass bar cart you'll feel fancy using even if you just fill it with $2 chuck. (No judgement!)

    Home Depot

    Price: $278.08 (originally $347.60)

    19. A computer desk (with a pull out keyboard drawer) that you can actually use as an office to get work done.

    The Home Depot

    Plus, it has adjustable shelves with hidden cord and wire access.

    Price: $103.49 (originally $114.99; also available in five other colors)

    20. An accent cabinet to store that china you swore you would always use...even though you probably can't remember the last time you took it out.

    The Home Depot

    It has two temperated glass doors and an adjustable shelf.

    Price: $102.24 (originally $113.60)

    21. A kitchen cart designed with a pull-out waste cabinet so you can keep your garbage out of sight (but hopefully not out of mind).

    The Home Depot

    Plus, it has a drawer, storage ledges on the side and lockable wheels.

    Price: $205.88 (originally $275)

    22. A three-piece outdoor sectional set that'll make your home *the* go-to summer party spot. Just imagine yourself sitting on this, drinking an ice cold lemonade...ahhh!

    The Home Depot

    The cushions are made of Olefin fabric for durability and are easily washable.

    Price: $449 (originally $799)

    23. A leather butterfly chair – your family is probably going to fight over who gets to sit in this.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $87.31 (originally $109.14; also available in three other colors)

    24. A food pantry for anyone who's not lucky enough to have a big kitchen with a walk-in pantry. I feel you. That's the dream, honestly.

    The Home Depot

    It has four adjustable shelves that are 17 inches deep.

    Price: $639 (originally $799.99; also available in black and brown)

    25. A linen accent chair to truly add a ~statement~ to your home.

    The Home Depot

    Price: $71.27 (originally $79.19)

    26. A two-piece vanity set that'll make getting ready in the morning so much nicer. You'll basically feel like a celebrity getting ready, except for, you know, not having all those other people doing all the work. (Tiny details!)

    The Home Depot

    It has two side storage drawers and an upholstered seat.

    Price: $151.19 (originally $167.99; also available in brown)

    27. A 12-bin toy story organizer to create some organization in a playroom. Now you just need to get your kids to put the toys back in the right places...

    The Home Depot

    Price: $53.01 (originally $62.36; also available in in light brown/primary colors)

    28. A simple yet chic round dining table because eating dinner at an actual table is important.

    The Home Depot

    It's crafted out of mango wood. The chairs are not included.

    Price: $653.65 (originally $769; also available in dark brown and black)

    29. A nightstand so you can stop using your floor as storage. (Oh, that's just me? Sorry, carry on.)

    The Home Depot

    Price: $117.29 (originally $130.32; also available in brown and black)

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