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    Just 36 Pairs Of Shoes I Think You'll Want To Wear This Fall

    Boots season is *finally* upon us.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. Steve Madden ankle boots I'm *pretty* sure Hannah Montana was referencing when she sang, "You get the best of both worlds" because they combine style and comfort into one great shoe you'll wear ALLL the time.

    model wearing the chunky black boots with jewels around the ankle

    2. A suede platform sneaker you'll ~feel~ really great about putting on your feet multiple times a week because the neutral color + texture create the perfect addition to any of your favorite fall outfits. Yeah, you know, those outfits you've been (not-so) patiently waiting to bust out once the temperature starts to drop.

    model wearing the pink suede sneakers with white platform sole

    3. Mules designed with extra memory foam in the insole to keep your feet comfortable even if you end up wearing these for hours upon hours upon hours. And with the chic slip-on style, these shoes are one ~for the books~.

    the light brown mule with brown snakeskin print heel

    4. Sorel Kinetic Impact Lace Sneakers for an edgy everyday look that doesn't skimp on the comfort level. You'll feel like a trendsetter as you walk down the street, stepping on every crunchy leaf you can.

    a model in white sneakers with yellow and tan accents

    5. Rhinestone pointed slip-on mules you'll feel like the bell of the ball in. There's nothing that says you have to wear neutral tones in fall. Yes, they are more popular, but this bright pink is just as great.

    reviewer wearing the pointed-toe slip-on flat with pointed toe in pink suede-like fabric and circular embellishment on top

    6. A pair of Chelsea boots that are basically a closet staple. They're worth the investment because they'll pair well with basically everything you have in your closet.

    model wearing the black boots with elastic on the sides

    7. Reebok Women's Club C 85 vintage sneakers because it is the year 2021, and we are HERE for comfy shoes with all outfits — from long-sleeved dresses to sweaters and everything in between.

    a reviewer holding up the off white sneakers with a green reebok label

    8. Some heeled mules you can wear right now during pre-fall (as I like to call it) when it's still pretty hot out and then also in actual fall by adding your favorite pair of printed socks. You'll be the trendsetter of your friend group when you show up to brunch in these.

    model wearing the pink heeled mules with a texture to them

    9. Chunky over-the-knee lace-ups to give you a ~leg~ up on your fall style, especially when you wear them with your favorite sweater and pair of jeans. There's just something about this simple outfit that hits differently once October rolls around.

    10. Slip-on sneakers with a secret 1.5-inch wedge to give you a little ~boost~ without screaming to the world that you're wearing heels. And the platform and wedge combo of these keeps these comfortable enough to wear during all your fall activities, especially apple picking.

    reviewer wearing the black suede shoes with a silver zipper diagonal up the sides

    11. Allbirds runners made with breathable wool to keep your feet warm when the blistering part of fall gets here. Plus, when they get dirty, you can just throw them in the washer, and they'll look (and smell) as good as new.

    model wearing heathered dark grey lace-up sneakers

    12. Or a pair of Western ankle booties that come in so many different colors, you may just want to add a couple to your cart right now because one can never, and I mean never, have too many pairs of boots once fall hits. Trust me, my closet can confirm this fact.

    reviewer wearing the boots in grey with buckle straps around the heel

    13. Buckle flats giving me big "grown-up school girl vibes" because even if you're not going back to school this year, you still deserve some new shoes to mark the transition of seasons.

    model wearing the black gloss flats with buckle across the top

    14. Western-style ankle boots with velvet and snakeskin accents for a statement-making look everyone will go ~wild~ over.

    The mixed media boots with taupe-colored velvet and snakeskin accents and black heel

    15. A Sorel heeled rain boot that may just be the chicest pair of rain boots I have ever seen. Say goodby to your stiff and uncomfortable rain boots you currently have in your closet and hello to this beautiful pair that will have you *begging* for it to rain more.

    model wearing the chunky heeled black boots

    16. Floral clogs even Miranda Priestly would approve of because florals are for all seasons, not just spring. Wear these with your favorite flare jeans for a '70s-inspired outfit that may just land you on the cover of Runway.

    the white floral wood clogs

    17. Steve Madden sneakers because fashion sneakers are all the rage right now, and these babies are no exception. You can wear them to help you experience all that autumn has to offer (which is a lot).

    18. Lucky Brand ankle boots you'll have in your closet (and life) for years because these babies were made to never go out of style.

    19. Knit pull-on sneakers made to be *almost* as cozy as your favorite sweater. I said almost because nothing can top that super soft worn-in sweater you just can't part with, but these shoes will be a close second.

    taupe and white knit pull-on sneakers

    20. Chunky loafers for an on-trend look that may just land you on the best-dressed list every time you wear them. Don't be surprised when the invites to NYFW start rolling around because everyone is going to want you to sit front row.

    reviewer wearing the chunky loafers in shiny black

    21. Some low-wedges at such a reasonable price, they won't break your budget and will still leave you extra so you can pick up a PSL (or two). Both of these things are a need not a want for this season.

    reviewer wearing the brown suede wedge boots

    22. A pair of mules people may mistake for a certain designer brand, and you don't have to correct them if they do.

    23. Glove boots basically screaming to be worn on the first crisp morning of fall when you step outside and take a big breath, feeling all the possibilities that the season brings. There's nothing stopping you when you have these babies on your feet.

    model wearing the white boots

    24. Sneakers actually designed so you can switch up the style with the included attachment because once fall hits, so does fall fashion, which means there's no holding back. Wear these black suede sneakers one day and then add the cheetah-print zippers the next to switch up the look.

    25. Ugg mini boots you can slip on super easily when you have to run out for a second and don't want to mess with buckles and laces. And since they're fuzzy on the inside, you probably aren't going to want to take them off when you get home because your feet will feel like they're in a nice and warm cozy bed.

    reviewer holding up a short brown Ugg boot

    26. A pair of embossed Keds made to look chunky without *actually* being super heavy. When you're frolicking around the pumpkin patch looking for the perfect one to carve, these shoes will be right there with ya.

    model wearing the off-white sneakers

    27. Doc Marten combat boots so reliable, you can wear them through the many weather patterns that fall brings. Yes, you can wear them in rain, sleet, and even snow (because it does snow in fall sometimes even if you don't want to believe it might).

    Reviewer wearing the lace-up boots with yellow stitching around the sole

    28. Vessi sneakers made to be 100% waterproof yet breathable so you can wear them when you head out to find the best view of the fall foliage knowing that it won't matter if you step in a puddle of two, because these shoes can withstand it all.

    model wearing the grey knit sneakers

    29. A mule slipper with a super unique circular heel everyone will be complimenting you on when you wear them to that October wedding you were invited to. October is the new June, haven't you heard?

    model wearing pointed-toe shoes with rounded half-clear heel

    30. Platform heeled boots just begging to be worn with jeans and a plaid shirt for the *chef kiss* perfect fall outfit you can never go wrong with.

    the brown platform boots

    31. New Balance sneakers you can wear in so many different situations. They'll look just as cute with your favorite maxi dress as they do with jeans and a faux leather blazer. You'll ~fall~ for their look super fast.

    the black and white sneakers

    32. A splurge-worthy high-heel pump enabling you to wear a classic style in your skin tone (the company offers 10 different shades of nude). No matter how many fancy occasions you have this fall, these shoes will be there to support you better than anything else you currently have in your closet.

    33. Marc Fisher chunky Chelsea boots that have me screaming — SCREAMING — because they are just so perfectly on-trend for this season. The chunky heel, the elastic sides, the neutral color. Ugh, it's all just so perfect.

    the chunky sole Chelsea boots in white and brown

    34. Rothy's loafers that look like regular loafers but actually are actually keeping a secret — they're made from knit fabric meaning they'll be super comfy right out of the box and require no break-in time.

    model wearing the tan knit loafers

    35. Ugg slipper shoes perfect for wearing around the house all the time because your feet deserve to feel like they're in a cozy cloud as you go about your day.

    36. And plaid sneakers that just embody everything that fall brings to the table. It is the best season of the year, so we must celebrate it in all its glory, which is exactly what these sneakers do.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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