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15 Latinx-Owned Etsy Shops You Might Want To Spend Your Whole Paycheck At

From a Hot Cheetos keychain to handmade earrings, get ready to see so many items you'll probably want to add to your cart immediately.

1. RossMiu has ~glitter-ly~ the best small accessories (i.e. pouches, card holders, totes, etc.) – you'll want to show them off to all your friends.

2. MundoLatinx will get you decked out in streetwear and accessories you'll be proud to wear all over town.

3. GildedNopal offers pins and prints that are so beautiful *and* also have very important messages that everyone needs to be reminded of every once and a while.

4. Lietofiore has drop-dead gorgeous earrings, hair accessories, and one-of-a-kind pieces to make any day a bit more glamorous.

5. SheSePuedeShop creates simple yet stunning wall art you can download instantly and put on your walls. Everyone could use a little inspiration in their home.

6. JenZeanoDesigns specifically creates apparel and accessories for Latina Queens because it's 2020 and women are strong as hell.

7. Pinetration818 designs unique and (often hilarious) pins depicting iconic artifacts and cultural symbols you'll want to buy for yourself and all your friends for their next birthdays.

8. CandysKloset has adorable and quirky jewelry and accessories to give your outfit (or keys) a bit more flair without having to spend ALL your money.👏👏👏

9. GAG THREADS offers simple streetwear that'll pretty much make you say, "ME" as soon as you see it and then immediately add everything to your cart because it's a need not a want.

10. SolProano designs and makes jewelry that combines her South American roots with American minimalistic style using mixed metals, leather, yarn, and silk for simple pieces that really wow.

11. AstraLunaArts offers illustrations that are beyond amazing — from custom ones (you can get of yourself) to badass females to other "nerdy" thing you won't want to miss.

12. NalgonaPositiveShop is a go-to body-positive shop with tees, tote bags, and more printed with important messages that can't be ignored.

13. AyMujer specializes in making original papel picado, (Mexican papercut flags and decor) that will be the perfect addition to the next party you throw.

14. SoniaLazoIllustrator creates dark yet beautiful illustrations turned into pins, stickers, shirts, and prints that'll leave you wanting more.

15. LatinaMadeNotMaid is part of a movement to stop the stereotypes against Latina women and prove that they're more than what the search engine says.

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