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    36 Pieces Of Home Decor That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

    Small items that'll make your home look like it's straight out of a magazine.

    1. A modern desk lamp with a flexible gooseneck that'll look nice sitting on your desk (but won't overpower it) and provide plenty of light to get your work done.

    White desk lamp with wood on the end of the head and a wood base with an on-and-off switch

    2. An abstract geometric wall art print to bring a bit of color to the room and make people think you might have picked it up from a fancy art gallery.

    Rectangle print with an abstract print of pink, green, blue, and yellow blobs, black dot blobs, and a white line blob

    3. A centerpiece bowl with an interesting eye-cathing design you can use to draw the eye to the center of the table.

    Black bowl made of crisscrossing stripes with openings and assorted limes and other fruit inside

    4. A double hand towel holder to make your bathroom seem like it's straight out of the Ritz Carlton — and guests will know exactly where they can dry their hands.

    Small nickel double rod with a white base and two towels hanging from it

    5. A hanging shelf with a hole in it that'll fit a 4-inch pot perfectly to add some greenery to your wall and give the room a bit more of the life that any classy place has.

    A piece of wood with a hole in the right side with a potted plant in it and a quarter of the left side painted white with black rope connecting it to the wall

    6. A bottom-shaped vase that'll be a ~cheeky~ and eye-cathing addition to your home that'll make everyone do a double-take.

    A vase that's shaped like a butt in light pink with a wide open top with flowers in it

    7. A set of modern-looking floating shelves so you can take advantage of all the empty space on your wall and display your favorite books, plants, or trinkets you've been collecting.

    Two floating shelves on a wall with a wood base and a black wire back with assorted plants and trinkets on them

    8. A jar of matches your guests may ~strike~ up a conversation about because this small thing is a cool but functional piece of decor.

    A clear glass case with matches inside with teal heads

    9. A sleek entryway organizer perfect to put by your front door so you have a place to store your mail instead of just letting it pile up on your counter or kitchen table forever.

    Mail organizer with perforated metal bin and five hooks with wooden knobs under it on a wall

    10. A leather tissue box designed to cover the eye-sore that is a regular tissue box and make it a ~marble-ous~ addition to your living room.

    A black marble leather tissue box cover with gold hardware and a tissue coming out of the top

    11. A set of small baskets that work as both simple decor and storage in your room so you can easily roll up any extra hand towel so they're not left lying around your bathroom.

    Three differently-sized woven baskets in white with grey zig-zag stripes around the bottom halves

    12. A smooth semi-circle metal tray you can use as a catch-all tray to store all your small items that end up randomly all over your home because you can't seem to find a place to put them.

    Two semi-circle trays next to each other, one in grey and one in gold

    13. A wine decanter that may just make your kitchen table feel like a classy 5-star restaurant with your aerated red wine sitting there. Now if only it could do all your dishes as well...

    A u-shaped glass wine decanter with red wine in it and wine glasses and a bottle and opener around it

    14. A shiny flower cup jewelry stand so you can hang necklaces off the sides and keep your rings in the little flower cups. How genius is that???

    The gold jewelry holder with four stems with black and gold flower cups at the end

    15. An artificial fiddle-leaf fig in a black sleek pot for anyone who loves the look of plants in their home but hasn't quite mastered the art of keeping them alive yet. This little guy gives you all the beauty with none of the work. Now that's a win-win.

    A faux fiddle leaf fig plant in a small pot with black and white paint-drop like stripes down the side

    16. A woven serving tray big enough that you could serve breakfast in it or even just hold your favorite candles and books on your coffee table.

    Woven seagrass serving tray with cutout side handles and assorted glasses in it

    17. A table lamp designed to shine bright like a ~diamond~ on your nightstand, giving you that extra dose of light and glam to brighten the room.

    Table lamp with a gold diamond-shaped wire base and white shade

    18. A mosaic-inspired trinket dish perfectly sized to fit your favorite rings to keep them safe and protected from getting all tangled up with your other jewelry.

    Small circular dish with a lid that has a mosaic-like pattern on it in yellow with a butterfly in a pink circle on top

    19. A magazine rack so sleek that your guests will probably think you got it from some fancy boutique.

    Black wire v-shaped rack with magazines sitting in it

    20. A boho-inspired pom-pom throw blanket that'll add a pop of color to your couch and also give you something to snuggle up with as you watch your favorite movie.

    Bright orange blanket with a chevron pattern and large fringe tassels on the ends

    21. A strand of gold lunar garland you'll be over the ~moon~ to add above your bed for an added bit of charm.

    Gold garland with different shaped moons across hanging above a bed

    22. A set of two circular mirrors with wooden holders small enough to be minimalistic decor on your dresser but large enough that you can use them to help you put lipstick on before you head out the door.

    Two circular mirrors with wood bases in pink and beige

    23. A sleek wall shelf designed with five pegs under it so you can hang up your jacket and bag as soon as you get home instead of throwing them on the ground and making your floor so messy you can barely walk.

    Black shelf attached to the wall with five pegs below the shelf

    24. A set of six coasters so beautiful they'll help you remember to actually use them so you can protect your furniture and make it look nicer longer.

    Four gold flower-like coasters with a hand setting a small glass on one

    25. A compact toilet brush holder because you know you're truly ~living~ when it looks like you have a super fancy toilet brush in the bathroom even though you paid practically pennies for it.

    Sleek grey toilet bowl brush holder next to a toilet

    26. A woven wall hanging that'll add some texture and dimension to your wall and make your gallery wall seem even cooler.

    White woven wall hanging with black vertical and horizontal stripes and fringe at the bottom

    27. A two-tier gold tray to hold and display your favorite earrings because they're basically like art themselves.

    Reviewer photo of the small two-tier circular gold jewelry holder with assorted earrings and rings in it

    28. A hexagonal hourglass that'll be a small yet ~timeless~ addition to your home office and a way for you to force yourself to actually take five-minute breaks throughout the day.

    Two clear diamond-shapes attached at the points with a gold stand and gold sand in the bottom on it

    29. A glossy hanging planter rack with three brass holders to display your ever ~growing~ plant collection on the wall and not clutter up all your tables.

    Three brass holders hanging on the wall with different plants in each

    30. An enamelware marbled coffeepot you *could* use to hold your coffee, or you could just display the bouquet of flowers you picked up at the farmers market in a beautiful way.

    Tall enamel coffee pot with a blue and white marble-like pattern and flowers in it

    31. A set of velvet pillow covers that'll be a ~smooth~ addition to your couch and make it seem like it could be in Buckingham Palace.

    Two pillows with blue velvet pillowcases sitting on a chair

    32. A neon sign to ~kiss~ your boring walls goodbye and give you a chic way to ~light~ up the room.

    Pink neon lips on a wall

    33. A wood and copper wall hook with leather strap so you can put things over the hooks *and* through them, so they're doubly as functional.

    Three of the hooks on a wall with a purse over the top of one and two scarves in the straps of the other two

    34. A minimalist table lamp to help you achieve that mid-century modern look without having to spend almost all your money.

    Reviewer pic of the black table lamp with large exposed lightbulb sitting on a bedside table

    35. A wood wine bottle holder you can use to display your favorite bottle of wine in the middle of your dining room table.

    Wood curved stick with a hole in the top with a wine bottle being held up in the air

    36. And a magnetic organization rack to stick to the side of your fridge and have a place to keep your paper towels and other go-to condiments organized and looking nice and less cluttered, and in turn, nicer.

    A white rack with a shelf with assorted thing such as salt and pepper and oil, then a rod for a paper towel roll, and then another rod for assorted hanging tools and a kitchen towel

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