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    26 Cute Things You'll End Up Using All The Time

    Awe-worthy items you can use in your everyday life.

    1. A mini humidifier any ~bunny~ will want to display in their home for not only an added bit of moisture throughout the day but also as a bit of decor.

    The small humidifier with light pink body and clear bottom and pink metallic ears on top and a small nose on the front.

    2. A huggable sloth massager perfect for the end of a long day (or any day TBH) when you need a snuggly hug and to also release some tension in your back.

    Model holding the large stuffed-animal-like sloth on their back and over their shoulders, like it's giving them a hug.

    3. A colander designed to expand and fit perfectly into your sink so you can easily strain and wash your food without awkwardly trying to balance it all in your sink.

    The strainer in pink expanded  to fit in a sink with potatoes in it and other vegetables next to it

    4. A pair of bear slippers with microfiber mops on the bottom to keep your feet warm and your floors clean, which is something I never thought I'd type but, like, good for them (and you!).

    Reviewer wearing the slippers in beige with a face and ears on the top and light brown mop on the bottom.

    5. A spaghetti tester because it's hard to ~catch~ a single piece of spaghetti to test it to see when it's done. This lil' cutie sits on the edge of the pot and holds one strand, so you can easily grab it and taste to make sure the pasta is cooked to your liking.

    A small yellow man with a hat and brown stick that looks like a fishing pole holding one piece of spaghetti in it, attached to the edge of a pot filled with pasta.

    6. A set of marble car coasters that perfectly fit into the cup holders in your car to protect it against condensation and sticky spills from the drinks you keep with ya when you drive.

    Reviewer's picture of the black and white marble car coasters in the cup holders in their car.

    7. A genie lamp stopper that will (sadly) only grant one wish: easy and controlled pouring.

    The stopper that looks like a genie lamp in yellow on top of a bottle of olive oil with some pouring out

    8. Cable bites to not only add an adorable touch to your phone but actually protect your cords from fraying and breaking so you don't have to replace it every three months.

    A panda, lion, clownfish, dog, and rabbit with their mouths open on cords attached to iPhones.

    9. A Rifle Paper Co. AirPods case with a gold ring so you can attach it to your purse, bag, or even a belt loop and always know exactly where your case is.

    The square case with rounded edges with a blue, grey, green, and gold floral pattern and a gold ring attached to a strap of a purse.

    10. An iridescent Snitch fidget spinner you'll ~seek~ out when you're feeling a bit anxious and need something to do with your hands.

    The iridescent fidget spinner that looks like a snitch (a ball with wings) sitting in the palm of a hand.

    11. A dishwasher magnet so your roommate (or partner) will ~thank you for being a friend~ by letting them know they shouldn't put the dirty dishes into the clean dishwasher.

    A two-ended magnet with one side that says "dirty" and another side that says "clean"

    12. A set of cat silicone tea infusers ~purrrrfect~ to help you cut down on your single-use tea bags while still enjoying your afternoon tea time.

    Reviewer pic of teal and pink tea infusers that look like kittens hanging off the inside edge of mugs with yellow tea inside.

    13. A heatable plushie for when you're not ready for the commitment of having an actual dog but need some emotional support, especially when you have cramps.

    Model holding a plush corgi on their pelvis area.

    14. Swedish dish cloths that absorb up to 15 times their own weight, so you can use them to clean your whole kitchen in one swoop and then throw them in the dishwasher when you're done.

    Close up of a model's hands using the dishcloth with a cacti design and dotted boarder to clean a bowl

    15. A cloud key holder made to be magnetic so you can easily place your keys on it when you arrive home and know exactly where to find them when it's time to leave again.

    Reviewer pic of the white cloud key holder attached to the wall with a big set of keys hanging from it.

    16. An illustrated yoga mat with an extra-long length, absorbent top layer, and a nonslip material to help you go the extra mile in class and *hopefully* finally hold that crow pose.

    Yoga mat with an illustration of a woman standing on yoga blocks with her head full of curly hair on the ground in front of her

    17. A couple of plant watering stakes great for anyone who hasn't quite mastered remembering to water their plants on a regular basis. These little guys will provide your plant with water for up to two weeks!!

    Two glass bird-looking bulbs filled with water inserted into a container plant

    18. The "World's Smallest Vacuum" because cleaning up crumbs around your desk will ~suck~ less when you have this guy helping you do it in .2 seconds flat.

    A hand holding a minaiture handheld vacuum cleaning up glitter.

    19. A flower power steam releaser to, once and for all, stop your pots from overflowing when all you're trying to do is boil some water and *not* flood your kitchen.

    White flower with yellow center and green stem attached to a pot, giving some space between it and the lid and letting out some steam.

    20. A Gracula garlic twist crusher so you can cut and mince garlic cloves super easily without getting the smell all over your hands.

    The small black-and-white tool that looks like a vampire next to some garlic bread and garlic cloves.

    21. A Goal Getter sticky note pad perfect for giving you a place to jot down any important notes instead of just telling yourself, "YOU CAN'T FORGET THIS" and then you do anyway.

    Rectangular sticky note pad with an illustration of a girl working and holding a mug on a couch with the words "Goal Getter" above it.

    22. Some cactus dryer balls that'll eliminate the need for dryer sheets *and* make your laundry dry faster. Now that's a win-win.

    Two small green cacti with black eyes on top of towels in a dryer.

    23. A bulldog ring holder so ~dog-gone~ precious you can't help but smile as you set your rings and bracelts on it.

    A white dish with a scalloped edge and a gold bulldog in the center with assorted rings and bracelets over it.

    24. A clip-on hydrating hand sanitizer because we all can't be like Cinderella and have birds help us get dressed, but we *can* have them with us during the day to keep our hands clean.

    Three small hand sanitizer containers that look like birds in teal at different angles, showing what it looks like from all sides with a carabiner attached to each.

    25. A monitor sticker designed to keep you company during your workday and remind you of the things you have to do. Did you and this panda just become best friends??? Absolutely.

    An illustration of a panda in black on a clear board attached to a monitor with the word "Hi" in a bubble and sticky notes on it

    26. A cotton swab or Q-tip holder so you can once and ~floral~ know exactly where they are when you need them.

    Two white circular holders with locus-like pedals coming out of it (one in pink and the other green) with q-tips and toothpicks in them.

    Actual footage of me putting this list together:

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