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    23 Things To Keep You Entertained During Your Next Flight

    Okay, vacations are fun, but getting there (and home) is the woooooorst.

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    1. A refillable traveler's notebook that comes with everything you need to record all the memories from your trip so you can look back fondly on it in the years to come.

    2. Or a set of cards to make your trip anything but ordinary: When you want to spice things up, pick a card and complete the task for an unexpected turn in your travels!

    3. A travel pillow that will make falling asleep a breeze — the next thing you know, you'll be at your destination.

    4. A travel stub diary so you can organize all of your photos and memorabilia from your trip, with space in the margins to jot down notes.

    5. A book of crossword puzzles that will challenge your mind — but just be sure to bring a pencil, unless you're confident you'll be able to finish it in pen!

    6. A magnetic chess set so you can stay on the grid the whole time — the chess grid, that is.

    7. A pair of wireless headphones that fold up to easily fit in your carry-on and will block out all the noise and let you live in your own world for a bit.

    8. A book to help you plan your current trip (or next trip or the trip after that) because it's got all the information on the top 500 sights and attractions to visit in the world.

    9. A portable charger so you can keep all of your devices at 100% throughout your trip.

    10. An activity book to help you confirm how horrible air travel actually is.

    11. A Kindle so you can stock up on books to read for whatever mood you're feeling.

    12. Or a Kindle fire tablet if you want to read but also take a break and watch a movie or TV show. You can download the Netflix app and then download movies and TV shows to watch without Wi-Fi.

    13. The Chatbook app, which can help you create a photo book of memories from your trip just using your phone. Connect the photos from the trip and then just select which ones you want to add to the book.

    14. An activity book for kids to keep them entertained, whether you're driving to grandma's house, going to the Grand Canyon, or flying to Europe.

    15. A travel cribbage board and a deck of cards to challenge your travel partner or seatmate to a game (or two).

    16. Or a travel checkers game if cribbage isn't your style but you're still a fan of playing games.

    17. Sheet masks to help you relax and take a moment for yourself during the trip.

    18. A margarita carry-on cocktail kit to make your experience in coach next to that screaming baby feel like you're in first class.

    19. A dry-erase travel activity pad so when you're stuck on the tarmac, you can erase and start over again and again and again. (Your kids won't remember they've done it before, right?)

    20. A travel knitting bag to keep your yarn in order as you fully accept your grandma status.

    21. A coloring book that will keep you focused on your end destination and relaxed the whole way there.

    22. A travel bingo card you can play when you arrive at your destination to help make sure you're actually paying attention to what's around you!

    23. And a travel beer pong set because your game never stops...ever.

    Me when I get on a plane and realize I have hours of entertainment in front of me:

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