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    31 Ways To Make Traveling So Much Less Stressful

    Everything you need to turn into a traveling pro.

    1. Keep all your cords, chargers, and electronic accessories organized and in one tangle-free, easy-to-access place with a storage bag designed specifically to give everything a spot.

    2. Bring noise-canceling headphones onboard your next flight so you can really enjoy the in-flight entertainment — and block out any crying babies.

    3. Make sure your phone is always charged by packing a portable power bank that holds enough power to charge your phone two times.

    4. Don't stress about how you'll charge your devices when you're traveling overseas — just get a universal adapter that allows you to plug in anywhere in the world.

    5. If you're traveling to a destination where you're not entirely fluent in the language, download iTranslate Translator — it'll help you get a better understanding of what's being said in real time and help you give a response back.

    6. Airplane seats are the literal worst, so make them a little more bearable with a super soft pillow that wraps all the way around your neck and provides support to your chin. It'll help you get some rest on even the longest of flights.

    7. Avoid waiting in security and customs lines by signing up for Global Entry — you'll have to fill out an in-depth application and have an in-person interview, but once approved you'll be able to bypass all those dreaded security lines.

    8. Join the carry-on club and stop checking in luggage (if you can)! Get a sturdy and lightweight bag to fit all your stuff without having to pay fees, wait at the carousel, or break your back trying to carry it.

    9. Never have that "did I forget something" feeling again with a packing list pad that'll make sure you check everything off before you head out.

    10. Get rid of all those germs that are trying to tag along on your trip with Purell wipes that can be used on your table tray and your hands.

    11. Always know where to find a free hotspot with a global Wi-Fi map.

    12. Or get a T-Mobile ONE plan that includes international texting and data in over 140 countries and gives you free texting and an hour of data on any flights with Gogo.

    13. Try a hanging beauty case that's big enough for all the stuff you need but folds down to easily fit in your suitcase.

    14. Don't stress about searching for a plug. Get a roomy backpack that has a built-in USB charging port, plus plenty of room for everything you might need within reach during a long journey.

    15. Always have a charging cord on hand with this discreet leather keychain that has a USB and lightning plug (for iPhones) hidden within its tassels.

    16. Don't stress about what you're going to do during your long-ass flight; load your favorite movies, games, and books onto a tablet like the Amazon Fire 7 so you're not stuck with whatever censored movie the airline wants you to watch.

    17. Make the most out of your travel time with a set of moisturizing and hydrating masks designed to smooth pores and destress your skin — the people next to you might give you some looks, but your skin will love you for it.

    18. Figure out the exact cost of your purchases in different countries with the XE Currency app.

    19. Carry all the documents you'll need in a super handy tri-fold wallet designed with plenty of space — making for a super-easy check-in.

    20. Nothing shows the stresses of travel more than a messy hairdo. Try Eva NYC's travel set that includes dry shampoo, texture spray, and hair spray to make it seem like your hair is flawless even after a long journey.

    21. Know exactly where you're headed during your connections with the Flio app — it provides you with maps, lounge information, Wi-Fi access, and all the deets you'll need to make the most of your time at the airport.

    22. Don't mix hunger and travel. Pack filling snacks when you're on the go so you're not stuck having to chow down on whatever airport offerings are in front of you.

    23. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off when going through security.

    24. Get a global hotspot so you always have data on your phone, even when there isn't any Wi-Fi.

    25. If you're traveling with a kiddo who might need a fresh diaper at some point, try a portable changing station that unfolds to give you a clean space.

    26. And avoid having to measure out formula with a storage container designed with removable dividers so you can have up to three feedings all figured out.

    27. Keep your valuables securely stored in a travel jewelry case that conveniently rolls up so it doesn't take up all your suitcase space.

    28. Don't do the walk of shame off the plane with your shoes in hand — avoid foot swelling with a pair of compression socks.

    29. Treat yourself to a moment of calm with one of the many services XpresSpa offers at nearly every airport.

    30. Suffer from minimal jet lag by adjusting to your destination's local time with the Entrain app.

    31. And stash your valuables in a small safe for a little added security while you travel.

    You're about to be leaving on a jet plane totally stress-free!

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