19 Ways To Get Through “Game Of Thrones” Withdrawal

Winter is coming, and that means one thing: No GoT.

1. Go here for some amazing GoT-inspired recipes.

2. Decorate your home with GoT decor.

Purchase here!

5. Read the books if you haven’t already. It’s a commitment, but well worth it.

There’s so much more to learn.

6. Hang a map of Westeros and Essos on your wall. The story will make more sense, plus it’s easy to just stare at it for hours. Available here.

HBO Store / Via store.hbo.com

If you don’t want to redecorate, here’s an online interactive map.

7. Rewatch Season 1.

8. Rewatch Season 2.

9. Rewatch Season 3.

HBO / Via ign.com

10. Well, you get the point.

HBO / Via giphy.com

12. Then, just go buy some regular wine to tide you over for the next couple of months.

HBO / Via gifatron.com

13. While we’re on the topic, did you know that a GoT drinking game exists? Well, it does.

HBO / Via giphy.com

14. Stalk Maisie Williams on Vine and Instagram.

HBO / Via fanpop.com

15. This countdown is a thing.

Just in case you need to know.

16. For those of you who miss Hodor…your place is here.

HBO / Via giphy.com

17. Visit YouTube for GoT-inspired hair and makeup tutorials.

18. Follow Tyrion on Twitter to recapture his sarcasm and cleverness.

19. Or, just buy this, which was compiled especially for devout Tyrion fans.

Random House Publishing Group / Via nerdalicious.com.au

So, be strong super fans. We will all make it through together.

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