There’s A “Titanic” Reference In “Frozen” And Everyone Missed It

Because everyone looks for a reason to link Frozen to every movie ever made.

1. I think we can all agree that The Titanic is one of the best romantic movies ever made, right?

20th Century Fox / Via

Of course, we can. Look at the love.

2. And that Frozen is one of the best Disney movies ever, right?

Disney / Via

Some could argue, THE best.

3. Well, what if the two were connected?

Uh, er, not like that though…

4. Remember when Jack and Fabrizio won the tickets for Titanic in the poker game?

20th Century Fox

5. Do you know the names of the two men that they beat?

20th Century Fox

6. Here’s a hint…

Disney / Via

(In case you live under a rock, that’s Olaf and Sven from Frozen.)

7. THAT’S RIGHT! Olaf and Sven seem to be popular names for two goofy friends…


8. That have a tendency to make people happy!

20th Century Fox

9. How about that for yet another Frozen reference?


10. You’re welcome.

Warner Bros. / Via

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