A. Boden
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    • A. Boden

      Christie looks like he lost 50-60 lbs. Lapband is just a tool, you still have to diet & exercise. Its not like gastric bypass. Its a slower process. It helps you to not eat as much, you have to know when you’re full. Good food is harder to get down, you eat slow, junk food goes down to easy. Sometimes its not a pleasant experience if you overeat. Lapband you usually lose 2 lbs a week. Losing it slower, helps you keep the weight off. But the temptations are still there as long as you don’t partake. But you don’t have to deprive yourself all the time, if you want some eat it, but it cannot be everyday, pick one day a week, and eat healthy the other 6 days.
      Losing weight is tough no matter how you look at it. The ice cream, cookies etc. is still calling your name. You are teaching yourself the right way to eat, and the reward is weight loss.

    • A. Boden

      I say all immigrants would have to pass a background check, give a test on our judicial system and history and speak English and follow our laws & culture. It is a privilege to come to America if you want to live here you must follow the proper channels. Anyone who commits criminal acts should be deported ASAP. Our Country is almost bankrupted I don’t think anymore people should be coming into our Country taking our Jobs until our Economy is flurishing again.  Sexual preference should not make any difference. We cannot afford anymore welfare and medical expenses to go any higher with the addition of more people.  Close Borders until our Country is in better shape Financially.  Congress & President should stop all Foreign Aid and take that money to give FREE HEALTHCARE to all American Citizens, and use the remaining to payback our Countries Debt. It will also help our economy get back on track. People will have some money to spend.

    • A. Boden

      Some of these models are way to thin. The average person is not so skinny, so what good is the model if she is so thin, her clothes are not wearable to the rest of the country. I wish some of these designers would come out with clothes helping the overweight to look skinner. Instead of horizonal lines do verticle lines instead. We buy alot of clothes so they won’t lose money. I am a person who is normal and a couple of years I am overweight, and then thinner again. That does not mean I don’t want to look good at my worse weight. Some people are heavy, they want nice clothes too.

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