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Do You Benefit From White Supremacy?

Does wearing a hoodie threaten your life?

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  1. 1. Check all that apply...

    Wearing a hoodie doesn’t threaten your life
    When you hear 'colonial' you think of New England cottages instead of dehumanization and empire
    You’ve called something inconvenient ‘ghetto’
    You think Quvenzhané Wallis is harder to pronounce than Zach Galifiniakis
    You’ve felt nostalgia for any time period besides the present
    You think you have an inner black woman
    Your prolonged adolescence is called “quirk”
    Your experiments in clothing and hair are viewed as ‘edgy’ instead of ‘ghetto’
    You’ve laughed a little too hard at Dave Chappelle skits
    When people compliment you they don't imply you're a rare credit to your race
    You think eating hummus, avocados, or sriracha makes you a hip or more interesting person
    If you’re 16 and pregnant, you get a tv show
    Your teen angst is validated and explored by pop culture
    You've asked to see the manager
    You can expect the manager to look like you
    Your presence is interpreted as an improvement upon the neighborhood
    Wearing a beard doesn’t get you “randomly” searched
    Generalizations about you don’t get you killed
    You’ve used slavery as an analogy
    You think civilization started with you
    You’ve reached into someone’s hair without asking
    You can purchase “nude” high heels or “flesh” colored bandages and expect them to match your skin
    When you go shopping for makeup you know there will be products for your skin tone
    You have access to many different narratives about your humanity
    You’ve described a murderer as a “shy, quiet genius”
    You’ve almost always had classes in which only people of your race are covered or mentioned
    You mention your race when it’s irrelevant/nobody cares
    Your graffiti is considered art
    You assume people care about your opinion, even on topics you have no experience with
    You can fail upwards in your career
    You can self identify as a gun nut and not end up on a FBI watchlist
    When things don’t go your way you expect authority figures to help you
    When you go missing CNN cares
    You bristle when a person of color says “white people”
    You’ve never felt personally answerable for media representations of yourself
    You’ve felt excluded because of the existence of minority student groups
    You’ve used the phrase “digital lynching”
    You’ve asked to see someone’s birth certificate
    You’ve dressed up as a race for Halloween
    You can speak without fearing your words will be used against your race
    You’ve done blackface
    You’ve accused someone of reverse racism
    You’ve called an athlete a thug
    You’ve told someone you’ve always wanted to be with someone of their kind
    You think you can’t be racist because you’ve had a relationship with a person of color
    You’ve told a cop “my taxes pay your salary”
    You expect to be protected by cops
    You weren't born here but when people complain about immigration they never mean you or your family
    You’ve spoken up regarding accusations of bigotry more often than against actual bigotry
    You’re not always punished for committing a crime
    You think whiteness is a phenotype or culture instead of an institution of power
    You participate in a society structured around your supremacy

Do You Benefit From White Supremacy?

Congratulations! You benefit from white supremacy

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