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    This Series Of Tattoos Is Actually An Awesome GIF

    Evan Hawkins got his friends together and created an animated tattoo, combining 11 different frames tattooed on 11 different people.

    Artist Evan Hawkins has made what can only be described as a GIF tattoo, an animation created by tattooing 11 different frames on 11 individuals.

    The animation is based on Eadweard Muybridge's photography series "The Horse In Motion." According to Hawkins, "it was the birth of motion film and this project is also the first of its kind."

    Hawkins was inspired by Shelley Jackson's project SKIN, in which a story was written across 2,095 people, one word at a time. He invited 18 of his friends to join the project and within six hours, 10 of the frames were spoken for.

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