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    • aaronb49

      Can’t disagree on any particular point, although the end result that all “wine experts are clueless” isarather (ironically) pretentious line of bullshit.

      Wines the world over aren’t priced by their quality but byabunch of other factors. Many people do make wine into this snobby thing-peers of mine included-and it’s naturally going to draw criticism, as well as comments like the one above from people who think they’re beating the system by only buying the $10 bottles at the local grocery store.
      Iappreciatealot of what these studies show-especially that price doesn’t equal quality. There are some very complicated explanations for that, but they’re not important. There are awesome cheap wines the world over-from Spain, Argentina, Italy, even parts of France, and many more.Iactually pride myself on knowing about the cheap ones, even though (it’s probably important to point out) that asawine expert, by CAREER, I’ve learned to know the prices of wines but not to consider them whenIjudge their quality, since the factors influencing price are so incredibly varied. And besides,Iam lucky not to have to pay for it all that often. As to the “experts,” are they retail or restaurant employees? Do they lean towardsacertain style of wine? Do they read and study about it daily or just spend money to look cool in front of their friends? It wouldn’t help my case to pick apart the studies or make excuses for these “experts,” but anyone in the food and beverage industry can tell you that’s an incredibly loaded and overgeneralized term. Bottom line, I’d argue that if: -you’re lording wine over people and think it makes you better than them; -you reject wines over or underacertain price out of hand;
      you have triedafew and didn’t like them and therefore consider ALL wine EVER MADE disgusting (stick to your Dr. Pepper, watery beer and vodka tonics); -you like wine, but pick one and stick to it forever; -and definitely if you makeacounterproductive, offensive, overgeneralized blog study-
      if you do any of these things, then you’re missing the point of wine. And yeah, if you’re an “expert” more interested in blabbing on and on about what your upturned nose finds in the glass, you’re also missing the point (unless it’s in the pursuit of study). Wine is an agricultural product that ties more culture and history together than just about anything else on the planet (war and religion being two that obviously do more). Governments recognize its importance asalegacy/reputation product and of course as an import or domestic product. It’s shared on tables of friends and families all over the world onadaily basis-whether it has an expensive label or no label at all.  Say what you want about us wine experts, that we’re stuck up, clueless, whatever.Idon’t expect everyone to understand or appreciate whatIdo foraliving. Just don’t oversimplify wine to spite the people who truly enjoy and respect it. It’s not helping anybody.

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