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Anastacia From Beginnings To Resurrection

As Anastacia releases her latest album "Resurrection", let's have a brief look at the roller-coaster ride that is her career.

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10. Freelance backing dancing (1988)

Anastacia started her career as a backing dancer for hire. Notably appearing in the Salt-N-Pepa music videos Get Up Everybody (Get Up) (1988) and Twist and Shout (1989). She later moved on to become a backing vocalist.

8. MTV The Cut (1998)

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In 1998, Anastacia joined the MTV talent show The Cut. She was well received on the show (featuring a very 90's looking Lisa "Left eye" Lopez as host) and she went on to make the finals. Although Anastacia did not win, after showcasing the self-penned pop/rock track "Not That Kind" she signed a record contract with a Daylight Records, a subsidiary of Epic/Sony.

7. I'm Outta Love (2000)

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By February 2000, Anastacia had established herself as a diva with attitude, undeniable talent and a skill for writing great songs. Her multi-platinum debut album "Not That Kind" charted globally in countries from The UK to Australia. The follow up "Freak Of Nature" dropped in late 2001 to equal success.

6. Diagnosis with Breast Cancer (2003)

Upon undergoing breast reduction surgery, Scans revealed Anastacia to have breast cancer. She was successfully treated with surgery and radiotherapy before she set up The Anastacia Fund to help young women stricken with the disease. This experience would be the inspiration for her self titled third album.

5. Left Outside Alone (2004)

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The defiant 2004 single, "Left Outside Alone" struck a chord with the public following Anastacia's public battle with health, helping the single and the album "Anastacia" to become her most successful yet. "Left Outside Alone" is now considered her signature song.

A greatest hits collection entitled "Pieces Of A Dream" followed in 2006.

4. Fashion Line and sales drop (2006-08)

In 2006, Anastacia launched her own fashion line in collaboration with German fashion company s.Oliver. In the press photo above you can see the style featured semi naked men, car bonnets and a liberal dose of photoshop.

"The collection reflects Anastacia’s personal style and her versatility. It is aimed at self-confident women, who are interested in fashion and like to dress in a feminine way. These women are natural and yet they love being glamorous. The look of “Anastacia by s.Oliver" is sensual, feminine and very sexy: casual jeans fashion and extravagant styles all the way from party outfit to rocky T-Shirt." - *The Fashion Spot*

Additionally in 2008, Anastacia released her fourth studio album "Heavy Rotation". The album received lukewarm reviews and failed to match the success of her previous work.

In reference to her albums' relative flop Anastacia has said,

‘I went along with what the record company suggested, which was a shift to r’n’b,’ My fans were not that appreciative of the change of music. After three hit albums I was due for a dud. I was like: “Well, this one is probably a tanker.”’

3. Here Come The Girls (2009-10)

During 2009, Anastacia joined forces with Chaka Khan and Lulu for the "Here Come The Girls" UK Arena Tour. The tour saw the three divas share the stage and collective discographies for this camptastic festive spectacle. For the 2010 shows, Chaka was replaced by Heather Small (of course she was!).

2. It's A Man's World and second battle with cancer (2012-13)

In 2012, following a promo single in collaboration with Skoda and a brief stint as Judge on the UK X Factor, Anastacia announced that she had signed a two album contract with the BMG Masters Model. First would come an album of covers originally by performed by male artists, "It's A Man's World", was released in November 2012. A 2013 European tour was planned as well as an album of original material, these had to be shelved however, when in February of 2013 Anastacia was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time.

1. Resurrection (2014)

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After fighting off breast cancer for a second time, "Resurrection" really couldn't be a more apt name for Anastacia's sixth studio album, that this album is a return to form in terms of music standard is testament to the title too. Back where she is most confident, this album see's Anastacia blend, soul, pop and rock (sprock) with that feisty attitude we have come to expect.

Brimming to be back Anastacia has said, "Right now, after everything that’s happened, I’m just grateful, I have a grateful energy about me and I’m going to spread it all around the world."

And we're delighted to have you back too!

The "Sprock" single "Stupid Little Things" has already racked up an impressive 1.5 million views on youtube and like the album, is available to buy now!

*Fan Trivia* - The name Anastacia mean Resurrection.

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