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Adele Tells Hilarious Story About Eyepatches And Impersonating Gabrielle

During the "Adele at the BBC" special, the singer opened up about being a Gabrielle fan and having her mum sew a sequinned eyepatch as a child, in what she described as a "fan girl moment".

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Rumour Has It

On the show that aired Friday 20th November on BBC 1, Graham Norton gave fans the opportunity to set the record straight on rumours they had heard in a game aptly named "Rumour Has It". One fan, Katie asks if it's true that Adele 'was' a massive fan of singer Gabrielle (of "Dreams", "Rise", "Out of Reach" fame).

Conjunctivitis, Ew / Via

Which involved a story about conjunctivitis, ew.

The feelings mutual / Via

Turns out the feelings mutual, here you can hear Gabrielle giving props to Adele for being herself in a judgemental music industry on BBC 1Xtra.

Gabrielle responds


In response to this revelation Gabrielle has said:

"What I love about Adele is that she's become a world-class recording artist by being herself," says Gabrielle. "Actually, that's why everybody loves her. She didn't conform to any stereotypes about what a popstar should be and in the end she was so good and so different she didn't need the hype.

"And I can see a little of me in that."

Get those girls to a cocktail bar immediately.

So there you have it. I see a lot of similarities in these two unconventional pop divas and it's clear that both will have a long lasting impact on pop culture. Given their shared against-the-trend attitude to fame, their down to earth personas and infectious cackles; I reckon these two should get together for a cocktail or two soon and fan girl together.


You can watch Adele at the BBC on iplayer now.

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