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    12 People Who Killed It With "American Horror Story" Halloween Costumes

    After all, all monsters are human.

    12. Pepper: Asylum / Freak Show

    11. Tate Langdon: Murder House

    10. Ethel Darling (Bearded Lady): Freak Show

    9. Twisty the Clown: Freak Show

    8. Sister Mary Eunice: Asylum / Freak Show

    7. Dandy Mott: Freak Show

    6. Bette and Dot Tattler: Freak Show

    5. Rubber Man: Murder House

    4. Papa Legba: Coven

    3. White Nun: Asylum

    2. Moira O’Hara: Murder House

    1. Fiona Goode: Coven

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