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12 Lame Dog Jokes To Brighten Your Day

On the bright side, Father's Day is coming up ... and we all know how dads feel about lame jokes.

PearlSteinberg • 3 years ago

Dennis The Dachshund Loses 75% Of His Body Weight, Gains Confidence

The miniature pooch went from a shocking 56 lbs. to his current fightin' weight of 12 lbs.

PearlSteinberg • 4 years ago

13 Puppies Who Were Born Ready For Their First Day Of Work

Most of us get nervous for our first day on the job. These puppies, however, are not most of us.

PearlSteinberg • 4 years ago

26 Cats Explain That While Westminster May Have The “Best In Show,” Cats Are The Best Of All

Every year, millions gather 'round to watch the Westminster Dog Show. This year, cats everywhere are taking a stand and asking the hard-hitting question so many have thought but so few have said: "Why not cats?"

PearlSteinberg • 4 years ago

7 Dogs Who Think National Pancake Day Is Part Of New York Fashion Week

Today is National Pancake Day. It's also New York Fashion Week. These dogs don't know the difference.

PearlSteinberg • 4 years ago