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    Dennis The Dachshund Loses 75% Of His Body Weight, Gains Confidence

    The miniature pooch went from a shocking 56 lbs. to his current fightin' weight of 12 lbs.

    This was Dennis. Dennis used to weigh 56 lbs.

    Dennis' current owner, Brooke Burton, rescued him from a home in which the pup was often neglected and fed nothing but burgers, pizza, and ramen noodles.

    Puppies and pizza? Not the best combination.

    After eating only doggy dry food and going on plenty of walks, Dennis started to see a change.

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    (picture taken on 01/24/14)

    However, because of all the weight loss, Dennis has had to have three skin-resection surgeries in the last two years.

    But Dennis didn't let his time in the hospital get him down!

    He has regularly attended physical therapy to help his body relearn to walk distances, run, jump, and play.

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    While the journey to health was often hard, Dennis has learned a lot. Such as....

    As long as your paws are touching it, the grass is pretty green no matter what side you're on.

    And crying over spilled milk is pointless when you can wrestle over ripped bags.

    Food (in moderation, of course) is always your friend.

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    Because when you eat right and look good...

    You feel good.