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To The Super-Dad

Here's to the best man I've ever known.

So I decided to create a post about you, dad.

http://s.o to baby Duke

You became a dad at a really young age and you grew with us, you became a better person and throughout the years even when mum got sick you were always "you" the weirdo that randomly makes some inaudible noise .

You're the coolest dude I know and the first person that I took this beautimous photo with when I got my first job

http://s.o. to baby Duke once again

*Thank God I don't look like that anymore*

Of course you annoy me on the daily basis, and when I do something wrong I get the long and scary lecture, But when I'm away for a long time I miss your weird made-up songs about making Duke's food, and when I think about doing the wrong thing I hear your voice in my head telling me to do the right thing.


You're the original party animal.


Dad you're awesome in every way.

You're so awesome that you surround yourself with awesome. I mean look at how fashionable you are. s.o to dido

See!? In some miraculous way you got Alex and Z to smile in a photo, and that's not something everyone can do.

Dad you are the real-life Superman. I'm proud to call you my fajha.

"we cute or wuteveah."

Thanks for being "You" Dad.

I love you Dad.

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