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    Top 50 Fandom Memes - The Real Purpose Of The Internet

    Ever get bored and just sit in front of your computer scrolling through endless images, trying to find those rare golden memes? Here's my Top 50 memes from the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and many more.

    50. Potter Pose

    49. Happy Leo

    48. Fandoms Rejoice

    47. Well, That Escalated Quickly

    46. Y U NO

    45. Awards Ceremonies

    44. Lord of the Rings Puns

    43. Movie Adaptations

    42. Wonderful Filters

    41. More Movie Adaptaions

    40. Aliens

    39. Surprised?

    38. Fangirls Be Like...

    37. More Awards Ceremonies

    36. Harry Potter Puns

    35. Haters Gonna Hate

    34. Busted

    33. The Never Ending Story ( of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton )

    32. Even More Awards Ceremonies...

    31. Harry Potter Insult #1

    30. Harry Potter Insult #2

    And now, a short advertising break...

    29. True Story

    28. Nice Try...

    27. Glorious Sarcasm

    26. Fangirling

    25. I Believe Congratulations are in Order

    24. People These Days...

    23. Forever Alone

    22. Beliebers Beware

    21. Potterheads Unite

    20. Dumbledore Relieves Some Stress

    19. Google = Forever Alone

    18. Whovians Unite

    17. Real Life in a Nutshell

    16. Celebrity Look Alikes

    15. Willy Wonka

    14. Blinded By Sheer Awesomeness

    13. Bow Ties Are Cool

    12. Don't Blink

    11. All Those Troublesome Day Names To Remember

    We're finally down to the Top Ten, but before then, it's time for another short advetisement.

    10. Little Beibs

    9. Google Predictions Come True

    8. Smweasel

    7. All Beliebers, Back Away Slowly..

    6. Not Overreacting

    5. Really Surprised

    4. TMI

    3. Just A Pretty Face

    2. Nosy

    1. Harry vs Edward

    Thank you for reading/scrolling through/seeing this post, I hope you found it funny. If you have any suggestions for more meme lists, just leave a comment below, and I will make it!

    I will leave you with some words of wisdom from Mr Wonka himself...