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Yi Yang • 24 minutes ago

Chris Pratt comparing himself to a classic horror movie monster kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Brian Galindo • 2 minutes ago

In federal court this week, the top admissions official at Harvard defends the university's preference for the children of wealthy alumni and donors, as he fought off accusations of bias against Asian-Americans.

Tyler Kingkade • just now

How are these real?

Jon-Michael Poff • 1 hour ago

A spokesperson for Meijer told BuzzFeed News the pharmacist in question is no longer with the company. However, they did not respond to inquiries about whether he was reprimanded for the alleged incident.

Tanya Chen • 3 hours ago

Looks like it's time for another rewatch.

Jamie Jones • 5 hours ago

Just remember that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Isha Bassi • 20 minutes ago

These people must be stopped.

Matt Kiebus • 2 hours ago

You can't be wrong, it's your opinion!

Erin Chack • 9 minutes ago

Which witch are you??

Lourdes Rios • 49 minutes ago

Float down, like autumn leaves. 🍂🎶


Do you belong with Cody Martin or Troy Bolton?

Nora Dominick • 3 hours ago

“Subsequent to being disciplined, he did not cease his misconduct,” an NSA inspector general report said.

Jason Leopold • 1 hour ago

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.


It might be more than you realize.

Joanna Borns • 2 hours ago

"Sorry I didn't invite you to my wedding..."

Stephen LaConte • 1 hour ago

Are you Bella/Jane?

Farrah Penn • 1 hour ago

Happy Spooky Season!

Jamie Jirak • 39 minutes ago

Woof, woof.


Nora Dominick • 3 hours ago

Show us what you've created!

Farrah Penn • 11 hours ago

Even Elle magazine is doing it.

Remy Smidt • 6 hours ago

A video shows Irineo Mujica being shoved into a van by Mexican immigration agents and federal police.

Adolfo Flores • 13 minutes ago
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