14 Awesome Photos Of Turtles On World Turtle Day.

Because Turtles Are Rad. Turtle.

Turtles are rad. They are the dinosaurs of the sea; the underwater grandpas that everyone adores. And like any great thing that society loves, turtles have their very own special day when the world comes together to celebrate their greatness.

In honor of World Turtle Day, here are all the reasons we really like turtles.

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From their very first moments of life, they’re like, “What up. I’m a turtle, and I’m here to rock your world.”

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They are world-renowned for their daredevil sports.

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As well as their leisurely modes of travel.

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Turtles are exquisite

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and accepting of everyone.

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Although they’re not afraid to let you know if you’ve done something truly offensive.

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Under the right circumstances, they can be very delicious.

DISCLAIMER: Sandwiches not made with real turtles.

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And because sea turtles are endangered, there are some pretty neat restoration programs set up for them,

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with technology so innovative and sophisticated, it would blow your mind.

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Turtles are resilient,

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feisty little creatures

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whose wisdom and tenacity are worthy of celebration and protection.

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Happy World Turtle Day!

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