32 Things You Only See In Arizona

This is the true story of what happens when you live in a cactus state.

1. Very unfortunate cacti-related accidents.


ID: 3498939

2. These people who need no cooler when they have a river full of dirty water.

They are RESOURCEFUL, I guess you could say.

ID: 3498850

3. 100 degree weather at 2 a.m. in the morning.

The heat knows no bounds in this state.

ID: 3500709

4. This sign that just wants to maintain order in the world.

ID: 3505941

5. Crayons that melt into the ground if you leave them out too long.

ID: 3500715

6. A Kokopelli doll hanging out with the Starbucks sign.

ID: 3500739

7. This phenomenon, which is apparently so common that they had to make a sign for it.

ID: 3498826

8. The most annoying visitor NO ONE invited to the garage: rattlesnakes.

Nope. Nope. Noooope.

ID: 3498860

9. People who keep trying to make this cacti mascot happen.

ID: 3498904

10. Camels taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

ID: 3498919

11. Cactus mailbox… because ARIZONA.

ID: 3500816

12. This dude who just can’t be separated from his cactus.

So, what? Some people have stuffed animals. This dude has a cactus.

ID: 3498959

13. This candy that has CACTUS in it… Well, not real cactus.

ID: 3498981

14. Scorpions in the toilet.

ID: 3499175

15. Scorpions in your candy.

ID: 3499492

16. Aaand THIS terribly tragic, but necessary place in the local store aisle.

ID: 3505935

17. Actual TUMBLEWEED. This is not a sterotype. This is real.

ID: 3499269

18. This scene that looks like it was taken from a blockbuster drama, but really it’s just haboob season.

ID: 3505954

19. Towels around the handles of doors because metal and hundred degree heat = burn your hands.

ID: 3505975

20. This donkey crossing.

"@pamervin0425: @katiervin donkey crossing!! Lmao!! # onlyinphoenix " lol no way

— KT (@katiervin)
ID: 3500679

21. Friendly neighborhood strangers who try to relieve dehydration, but end up making everyone feel creeped out.


ID: 3505998

22. Cactus in the produce section.

ID: 3506141

23. Phoenix Suns-branded hot dogs because the best hot dogs are the ones endorsed by NBA teams.

ID: 3506137

24. Socially conscious vanity plates.

ID: 3506074

25. Fast food places that blend in with Southwestern architecture and turquoise colors.

ID: 3506325

26. People who leave their house in a rush, so they cook their breakfast in the car.

AZ residents are the KINGS of multitasking, baby.

ID: 3499434

27. Fast food joints that have A.C. units sitting at a table normally reserved for guests.


ID: 3499447

28. Bags of ice being sold everywhere.

ID: 3499482

29. This company that RENTS rain because it never actually NATURALLY rains in AZ.

ID: 3499502

30. Sunscreen hoses.

ID: 3499507

31. This call for “diggers” out in the remote mines of the desert.

ID: 3499523

32. This “NORMAL” weather report. GUYS, THIS IS “NORMAL,” OK?

In case you didn’t know, it’s normal, though.

ID: 3499542

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