Why “Jersey Shore Shark Attack” Will Be The Best Movie Of The Summer

Shut the beach down — there are white-finned, killer albino sharks all over the Jersey Shore!!! Yeah, this movie is gonna be great. Here’s 15 reasons why:

1. Scared guidos

ID: 320185

2. Fake, more attractive-looking Snook-a-likes

A Snooki look-a-like.

ID: 320126

3. The super realistic-looking sharks we’ve come to expect in SyFy movies

ID: 320195

4. This guy’s abs

ID: 320056

5. This bro’s hair

ID: 320141

It’s very important to him, obviously

ID: 320250

6. Vinny, from the real “Jersey Shore” is in it

ID: 320051

7. There’s a wet t-shirt contest involved

ID: 320116

8. Shark sneak-attacks like this

ID: 320243

9. and this

ID: 320244

10. The face these guys make after being told about said shark attacks

ID: 320172

11. This guy obviously dies

ID: 320084

12. Joey Fatone is in the movie

ID: 320258

13. and he obviously dies

ID: 320071

14. Guidos and guns…

ID: 320077

15. …everywhere.

ID: 320291

For more info, check out SyFy’s website or watch the trailer below:

ID: 320227

Don’t forget to set your DVR: the movie premieres Saturday, June 9th at 9pm.

ID: 320228

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