RIP, Ben Affleck’s Beard

We hardly knew ye.

1. Ben Affleck was spotted walking around Los Angeles yesterday missing something very special to us… HIS BEARD.

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2. It’s okay to get emotional.

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3. You can let it out.

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4. It’s upsetting, we know.

ID: 947123

5. Dry those eyes…

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6. …because we’re about to remember the good times we shared with Ben’s beard during awards season!

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images
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7. Like when he won this award.

Getty Images / Handout
ID: 946993

8. And the time that he held a box.

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ID: 946863

9. There was that time when he was staring off into space while his beard kept his face warm.

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ID: 946835

10. That time he posed with his SAG award.

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ID: 946832

11. And the time he got coffee with a hand on his hip.

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ID: 946833

12. That time he walked off his frustrations for being snubbed by the Oscars.

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ID: 946837

13. And this time he was talking on stage for some reason or another. Mmm, beard.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 946976

14. The time his beard smiled at a lady at a Farmer’s Market.

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ID: 946831

15. And this time — have mercy!

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 947026

16. Of course, there was the time he was talking with his hands like this.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
ID: 947001

17. And the semi-unfortunate time he wore a hat and leather jacket.

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ID: 946828

18. RIP, Ben Affleck’s beard! It’s been real.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 946960

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