Mean Ol’ David Letterman Picks On Justin Bieber

Cranky old Dave grabbed Bieber’s arm where he had just gotten a tattoo the day before, scolded him, and then made fun of the fact that he thinks there’s a “Sixteenth Chapel” on last night’s Late Show. As you might expect, Bieber fans are PISSED. posted on

Here’s a sampling of angry reactions from Beliebers on Twitter:

Justin should never go to one of David Letterman's interviews EVER AGAIN. THAT OLD MAN DOESN'T DESERVE JUSTIN ON HIS SHOW.

I didnt like how David Letterman grabbed Justin's arm. It looked painful and rude.

David Letterman was so rude to Justin Bieber very aggressive and stupid that old man should not be on TV anymore

Stupid Letterman guy needs to like get slapped. He wasn't even funny. He was being rude as fuck to Justin. I wanna throw a shoe at his face.

Watching Justin on Letterman was sad, he was being rude as fuck to Justin and you could tell Justin was annoyed and didn't want to be there.

Letterman made me sick last night. Even my half-sister texted me how rude he was being to Justin. But Justin was kind regardless.

David letterman is a dick. I mean, I don't exactly love tattoos either but, He was so rude to Justin about his new tattoo. Just leave him be

I'm new to twitter. Will start by saying what an ass David Letterman is. He was so rude and insulting to Justin Bieber.

i hate david letterman. never watching him again...only if Justin's on which he wont be bc letterman's rude.

i would have of said to letterman leave justin alone with the tattos their inspiring to us and they mean somthing to us so back off

I hope Justin never goes back on letterman.. Because he is rude an has no right opinionating on justins life...

David Letterman was so rude to Justin last nite and Justin looked so pissed, watch he wont go back now.

How dare David letterman be mean to Justin... Kinda does really upset me.. I love jb

Wow-.- David Letterman doesn't think he was mean and rude to Justin?-.- obviously he hasn't been listening to himself-.-

My god i really dislike David letterman. why is Justin even on here? He's so mean to him. I want to punch his face.

nothing like coming home to Bieber on my tv..but Letterman, you were indeed being "snappy" #asshole" target="_blank">">#asshole

Fuck you David Letterman My poor baby, I feel so bad for him! David you're an asshole

Letterman already annoyed me but now he's bullying Bieber like a jealous fat kid in the playground. Asshole

Letterman needed his grandpa diapers changed last night.A bit bratty for an old man,wasn't he?

BuzzFeed, what do you think? Did Dave go too far or do you think he put Bieber in his place?

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