All The Different Twihard Reactions To Kristen Stewart Cheating On Robert Pattinson

There’s a Team Kristen, a Team Rob, and a Team Robsten who refuses to believe that there’s anything wrong with their favorite couple.

1. First, most Twilight fans refused to believe it.

ID: 462738

2. They were convinced that Us Weekly was lying

ID: 462871

8. They even convinced themselves it was all a good photoshop job:

ID: 462747

14. They quickly chose “Robsten Is Unbroken” to support the couple

ID: 462745

26. And then there were a bunch of these:

ID: 462906

29. It trended.

ID: 463005

30. And then Kristen Stewart’s statement and admission of cheating came out:

ID: 462808

41. Some have faith that the couple will stay together

ID: 462982

46. Some have chosen Kristen’s side

ID: 462883

53. And this one person chose the side of Liberty

ID: 462807

54. But mostly, people are team RPatz

ID: 462834

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