25 Of The Most Important Movie Dads

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, dad jokes at the ready.

25. Lester Burnham, American Beauty

Dreamworks / Via giphy.com

Not a dad you’d want to have around your friends, but he’s memorable.

ID: 3106280

24. Pete, Knocked Up

Apatow Productions / Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

He’s a bit whiney but we like Paul Rudd, so we’ll make an excuse.

ID: 3106296

23. Nigel Powers, Goldmember

New Line Cinema

Another not-very-good dad but he’s got lines like this so…

ID: 3106312

22. Fletcher Reede, Liar Liar

Imagine Entertainment / Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

Fletcher Reede is a terrible father but he comes good in this LOL-tastic kids film from the ’90s.

ID: 3106332

21. Harry Wormwood, Matilda

TriStar Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

Nothing is great about Harry Wormwood but this is surely Danny DeVito’s greatest work?

ID: 3106352

20. George McFly, Back to the Future

Amblin Entertainment / Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

Another not-so-great dad. Don’t worry, I’m getting to the good ones.

ID: 3106366

19. John W. Creasy, Man on Fire

20th Century Fox

Not TECHNICALLY a dad but damn, what a father figure!

ID: 3106392

18. Big Daddy, Kickass

Universal Pictures / Via im-not-a-fucking-doll.tumblr.com

Shooting your daughter to test a bullet proof vest, okay.

ID: 3106411

17. Darth Vader, Star Wars


ID: 3106430

16. Dr. Evil, Austin Powers

New Line Cinema / Via gifboom.com

He sort of tries but ultimately he’s a shit dad. Funny though… dukka dukka dukka

ID: 3106450

15. Luke, The Place Beyond The Pines

Focus Features / Via gifboom.com

Ryan Gosling holding a baby. That is all.

ID: 3106515

14. Harry Stamper, Armageddon

Touchstone Pictures / Via chels725.com


ID: 3106531

13. George Banks, Father of the Bride

Sandollar Pictures / Via afistfulofsoundtracks.tumblr.com

A great dad but hang on, all I can think about is how Steve Martin hasn’t changed in about 50 years.

ID: 3106554

12. Léon, Léon: The Professional

Gaumont Film Company / Via cogdogblog.com

Okay, so he’s not Mathilda’s dad but he’s as good as. No, actually, he’s better!

ID: 3106567

11. Gru, Despicable Me

Universal Pictures / Via cerejatulipa.tumblr.com

A reluctant adoptive father with many an amusing line, Gru eventually realises his love for his little girls. D’aww.

ID: 3106582

10. Maximus, Gladiator

Dreamworks / Via gif-central.blogspot.com

His son may have been murdered but he will have his vengeance, in this life or the next.

ID: 3106640

9. Mac McGuff, Juno

Fox Searchlight / Via starcrush.com

Not only is his name Mac McGuff, he has some pretty swell advice and is just a pretty cool dad.

ID: 3106650

8. Daniel, Love Actually

Studio Canal / Universal Pictures / Via hellyeahliamneeson.tumblr.com

The first time Liam Neeson showed his “awesome dad” qualities in a film.

ID: 3106659

7. Forrest, Forrest Gump

Paramount Pictures / Via theberry.com

Only a dad right at the end of the movie but a brilliant one, nonetheless.

ID: 3106678

6. Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

Columbia Pictures / Via giphy.com

Although I would never forgive my dad if I dropped my teddy and wasn’t allowed to go back for it, Chris Gardner is a truly great dad, never giving up and always believing.

ID: 3106701

5. Marlin, Finding Nemo

Pixar / Via giphy.com

He’s way too overprotective but he goes to the end of the world and back to find Nemo. *Honorary mention for Crush the turtle*

ID: 3106725

4. Jim’s Dad, American Pie

Universal Pictures / Via youjustgotlawyered.tumblr.com

As awkward as they come but always well-meaning.

ID: 3106749

3. Mufasa, The Lion King

Disney / Via giphy.com

Majestic and wise, Mufasa is what dream dad’s are made of.

ID: 3106757
Disney / Via rebloggy.com

Plus, he’s got a really cool, booming voice.

ID: 3106761

2. Bryan Mills, Taken

20th Century Fox / Via amybickers.blogspot.com

I mean, if you were taken by human traffickers, Liam Neeson is who you’d want as your dad.

ID: 3106773

1. Daniel Hillard, Mrs. Doubtfire

20th Century Fox / Via giphy.com

The ultimate comedy dad and will go to ANY lengths to be with his children. Robin Williams wins best movie dad for me.

ID: 3106783

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