22 Problems People Who Don’t Work Out Regularly Know To Be True

Yeah, I exercise…three times a year.

1. Running for more than 30 seconds is real life torture.

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2. Even the really tiny weights make your arms burn with the power of a thousand suns.

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3. Your flexibility leaves you filled with shame.

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4. Some people are really not supportive of your exercise endeavours.

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5. Whereas others are far too attentive.

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6. You overestimate your ability every time.

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7. Otherwise known as ‘foolish gym cockiness’.

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8. It’s been so long you can’t remember how anything works.

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9. Your gym clothes have gone AWOL.

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10. Your gym membership is rinsing your bank balance.

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11. Which leaves you with major gym guilt.

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12. That early workout you scheduled? Turns out ‘early’ is very horrible.

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13. There are lots of confusing exercise words to learn.

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14. You don’t know any ‘proper’ gym moves, so you just make them up.

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15. You know you should exercise but your desire to eat is greater.

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16. Doing weights makes you feel on the brink of actual death.

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17. You get overzealous with the treadmill settings and instantly regret it.

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18. The concept of trying to look good while exercising is still a worry.

(That wears off when you realise nobody looks good working out.)

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19. Sometimes you make mistakes…

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20. You feel judged by the dedicated gymmers because you don’t always take it seriously.

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21. At first, you feel really good and you’re like, ‘YEAH, I’m working out!’

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22. But then you get off the machine and discover your legs don’t work any more.

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