18 Weird Things Everyone Does In Private But Wouldn’t Do Publicly

What? I’m just having an imaginary argument out loud. Deal with it.

1. 1. Sing really extravagantly/sing opera style REALLY LOUD.

Warner Bros. / Via stinemilana.blogg.no

Pavarotti would be proud, he really would.

ID: 2941345

2. 2. Walk around naked.

Screen Gems / Via wifflegif.com

Definitely not OK to do outside the house, in fact you’ll probably get arrested.

ID: 2941353

3. 3. Talk to yourself.

ID: 2941361

4. 4. Play weird games like taping up your face.

Warner Bros. / Via gifurl.com

If you haven’t done this, you haven’t lived.

ID: 2941370

5. 5. Dance like no one is watching.

ID: 2941386

7. 6. Inexplicable jumping.

ID: 2941406

It can’t be explained.

ID: 2941409

9. 7. Making weird faces to yourself.

20th Century Fox / Via elitedaily.com

Sometimes the urge is just too great.

ID: 2941443

10. 8. Have imaginary arguments out loud.

You are the king of excellent comebacks… four days later.

ID: 2941465

11. 9. Run up stairs on all fours.

Seriously, imagine doing that in a shop.

ID: 2941482

12. 10. Spying on people.

20th Century Fox / Via fanforum.com
ID: 2941504
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via wifflegif.com

NEVER spy on people in a place you could get caught.

ID: 2941524

14. 11. Squeezing spots.

Disney / Via buzzsmile.com

Whether yours or someone else’s, people just don’t like it.

ID: 2941540

15. 12. Scoffing food.

NBC / Via grabzon.com

The only exception to the rule is possibly in the cinema.

ID: 2941551

16. 13. Trying to move stuff with your mind.

TriStar / Via fanpop.com

Strictly keep this behind closed doors (and keep practising, it’ll happen…)

ID: 2941580

17. 14. Bad habits.

Keep that sh*t in check.

ID: 2941596

18. 15. Climbing on furniture.

Universal Pictures / Via dapsman.tumblr.com

Sure, feel free to arrange yourself on furniture at home however you want, just don’t be doing it in public seating areas.

ID: 2941613

19. 16. Farting really obviously…

Warner Bros. / Via forum.gatorsports.com

And if you do, pretend it wasn’t you anyway.

ID: 2941619

20. 17. *MEN ONLY* Windmilling/Helicopter Penis

Sure it’s fun when you’re just out the shower but do it in public and people will freak out.

ID: 2941630

21. 18. Making weird noises.

These have a habit of sneaking out when in a public place.

ID: 2941638
Columbia Pictures / Via weheartit.com
ID: 2941641

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