18 Signs You’re A Child Trapped In A Grown-Up’s Body

25 going on 5.

1. Taking naps is the best.

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2. Instead of eating “proper” meals, you’d rather have eggs with soldiers.

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3. Making big life decisions is just not for you.

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4. Farting and general toilet humour is still funny.

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5. You feel way too young to be living in your own house.

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6. And you’re certain you boss is going to realize soon enough that you’re not really a grown up and you have no idea what is going on.

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7. When you’re dividing up food (especially cake) you always make sure you get the biggest portion.

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8. Your favourite aisle in the supermarket is where the sweets are.

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9. You still like to play with lego whenever you get the chance.

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11. You sing and talk to yourself out loud all the time.

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12. You’re quite happy to watch only Disney films.

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13. When you see a child doing something badly, you have to step in and make it right.

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14. You still play with trolleys at the supermarket.

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15. All the cereal in your cupboard came from the “kids cereal section.”

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16. Birthday and Christmas presents still make you feel like this.

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17. When people say stupid things you still make the ‘duh’ noise.

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18. Hear the song of the ice cream van? You’re THERE.

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