18 GIFs That Prove Science Is The Coolest Subject Ever

Safety goggles on, please.

1. Who wouldn’t want to do this?

ID: 3458281

2. “I just wanna be with my momma!” said the liquid dot.

ID: 3458283

3. Only in space can you actually ride a magic carpet.

ID: 3458285

5. That liquid is bending, guys.

ID: 3458287


ID: 3458297

7. Just magnets up to their magnificent work.

ID: 3458300

8. Wanna see some crystallization?

ID: 3458325

9. Oh, dry ice, how are you so cool?

Pun intended.

ID: 3458328

10. Just a bubble in extreme cold.

ID: 3458335

11. Chemical elements burn with different colors.


ID: 3458394

12. How in frick?!

ID: 3458397

13. Oh no! My candle went out. NO PROBLEM!

ID: 3458404

14. Ever tried to wring out a cloth in space? Nightmare.

ID: 3458411

15. Science in slow motion is even better.

ID: 3458412

16. This creepy monster thing is actually corn flour and water on a speaker.

ID: 3458416

17. Probably how the Almighty makes glaciers.

ID: 3458422

18. Getting this in my house.

ID: 3458423
AMC / Via giphy.com
ID: 3458427

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