An Important Message For Unhappy Singles On Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of turtles and tortoises, who would like to remind you that they’ve been in your shoes too.

1. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.

2. And you want to shut out the world around you.

3. Because it seems like all your friends are in relationships.

4. Some are even married with kids.

5. And a few can’t resist telling you how great the sex is.

6. You want to scream:

7. But you give up and go back to bed instead.

8. You chastise yourself for caring so much about this.

9. But you just can’t help feeling lonely.


11. Stop obsessing about dating. You’ll cross that road when you come to it.

12. Have a friend give you a hug, if you must.

13. Remember, you are special.

(This lovely turtle belongs to twitter user Missdeed666.)

14. You don’t need to act like Superman.

15. You don’t have to be fancy.

16. You don’t always have to come out on top.

17. One day you too will find someone you mesh with.

18. Then you will know romance.

19. And you will know passion.

20. And you will know love.

Picture by Christine at Rocky Ridge Refuge.

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