The Internet Has Deemed This Week’s “SNL” The “Blackest” Episode Ever

The Jan. 18 installment introduced black female cast member Sasheer Zamata and two new black female writers. Oh, and Drake was the host and musical guest.

1. This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured Drake as both the host and musical guest and it marked the debut of Sasheer Zamata, the first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph.

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2. And the internet is deeming it “the blackest” episode ever.

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5. SNL’s diversity (or lack thereof) has been a hot topic on Twitter, and many tuned in to see how the show would go.

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6. Some were a bit defensive from the beginning.

WHY THE BLACK CHICKS NAME GOTTA BE LAST?! oh. It's alphabetical. Right.

— Luke Staywoker (@TheDiLLon1)
ID: 2303888

7. Others could barely believe their eyes.


— Clinton Yates (@clintonyates)
ID: 2303907

There are so many black people on #SNL right now It's amazing is this a dream??

— Skull Deaded??? (@ambrrr)
ID: 2303911

9. Lots of people found the episode funnier than it usually is, with some crediting the two new black female writers, LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones.

How can you tell there are black writers in the room? References to Family Matters in the iconic 90s sketch. #SNL

— Racialicious (@racialicious)
ID: 2303928

yo I'm dying laughing already. #SNL

— DJShinobiShaw (@DJShinobiShaw)
ID: 2303931

This is good. This is good.

— Maya (@MF_Greatest)
ID: 2303935

Watching SNL and laughing hysterically. 10 year old says "I don't get what's so funny". Exactly... Good. Some things shouldn't be understood

— Lost Monarch (@dsquinnan)
ID: 2303940

Drake as Lil Wayne as Urkel was part of the best sketch I have seen in a long time. SO hilarious. #SNL

— Seth (@ss_24)
ID: 2303944

I legit am laughing and don't know why. I'll just credit the two new females of color in the writers'room. #SNL

— Micah White (@micahwhite)
ID: 2303930

15. But not everyone was dazzled by SNL’s additions and changes.

The writing is really bad. Really really bad. Otherwise @drake is a pretty good actor. #snl needs to start that internal fix ASAP

— mary pryor (@msmarypryor)
ID: 2303984

no matter how many black writers SNL gets, they will NEVER come close to In Living Color. N E V E R!

— i woke up like dis. (@xMissTanisa)
ID: 2303988

Snl tonight: how many times can we show our new black female tonight to makeup for the past six years.

— ♡ Alyssa ♡ (@heart_lyssxoxo)
ID: 2303990

For everyone losing their shit over snl's sudden blackness. Just remember. Muhfuckas neva loved us.

— Loryn-Ishii (@elledub_1920)
ID: 2303993

bloody hell, that was awful. Get you some fresh writers #snl

— Chatel (@Chai_Tee)
ID: 2304005

They hired 2 writers to write her in unfunny positions/characters . Damn

— Rich Homie Sherm (@SHERMradio)
ID: 2303994

21. Overall though, the internet seemed proud of and happy with Zamata’s first night.

Sasheer is gorgeous. That's basically my predominant thought about her so far. #SNL

— stacia l. brown (@slb79)
ID: 2304012

How great was @thesheertruth? Much needed addition to the cast!

— Taylor (@k_taylor88)
ID: 2304015

I wish I could stop weeping with joy right now @thesheertruth

— kateynextholidayburg (@khealywu)
ID: 2304016

@brokeymcpoverty Sasheer, you stay.

— David Olivares (@MrSwearword)
ID: 2303877

25. And everyone was able to agree on one thing: the glory of Drake’s thighs in that Disney sketch.

Yahs, for that thigh muscle definition, Drake in Shorts.

— Bahm Bahm Lilura (@carissarho)
ID: 2304020

Short shorts on @Drake. That is all. #DrakeOnSNL #legs #fb

— Lucy Quintanilla (@lucyq)
ID: 2304025

Drake's thighs just made me so happy

— Rachel Samara (@RachelSamara)
ID: 2304026

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