14 Times People Dressed As People Of Other Races For Halloween And Managed Not To Be Offensive

You mean it’s possible?! Quick, tell Julianne Hough!

1. This Beyoncé costume from “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

ID: 1871235

2. This King Jaffe Joffer costume

ID: 1871294

3. This Carmen Sandiego costume

ID: 1871304

4. This Prince costume

ID: 1871237

5. This North West Costume

ID: 1871238

6. This Rich Uncle Pennybags costume

ID: 1871244

7. This Spiderman costume

ID: 1871245

8. This Left Eye from the “Creep” video costume

ID: 1871251

9. These Mario and Luigi costumes

ID: 1871252

10. This Princess Peach costume

ID: 1871260

11. This King Triton costume

ID: 1871265

12. Miley’s Nikki Minaj costume

ID: 1871285

13. This Inspector Gadget costume

ID: 1871315

14. Mark Salling’s Tyrone Biggums costume

ID: 1871333

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