What Class Are You Really?

Not that this really matters, of course. Brits definitely aren’t obsessed with this. Oh no.

  1. 1.
    Flickr: spine / Creative Commons
  2. 2.
    1. Charlie Crowhurst / Getty Images
  3. 3.
    1. The Ledbury.
    2. Giraffe.
    3. Pizza Hut.
    1. Loch Fyne.
    2. Scoff and Banter.
    3. Pizza Express.
    1. Via Craig Barritt / Getty
      Inherently confident Jennifer Lawrence.
    2. Ethan Miller / Getty
      Actually a tiny bit smug Jennifer Lawrence.
    3. Pascal Le Segretain / Getty
      Fiercely determined Jennifer Lawrence.
    1. Jason Merritt / Getty
      Brimming with a deep sense of injustice Jennifer Lawrence.
    2. Ethan Miller / Getty
      Just getting on with life Jennifer Lawrence.
    3. Ethan Miller / Getty
      Proud yet not-going-on-about it Jennifer Lawrence.
  4. 5.
    1. thepoo/iStock
    1. Dominic Lipinski/PA
    1. The Times is revolting capitalist nonsense.
    2. Can’t stand the sanctimoniousness of the Guardian.
    3. The Mail is evil incarnate.
    1. The Express is spiteful and divisive.
    2. The Sun panders to the lowest of common denominators.
    3. The Mirror is full of pointless lefty claptrap.
  5. 7.
    1. David Jensen/EMPICS
    2. Richard Gray/EMPICS
    1. Anthony Devlin/PA
    2. Niall Carson/PA
      Radio 1’s Big Weekend
    1. T In The Park
    2. Taste PR/Handout
      That one with Jeremy Clarkson and David Cameron and Alex James
  6. 8.
    1. Diners Club International.
    2. Garrick Club.
    3. Rotary Club.
    1. This nightclub.
    2. Book club.
    3. Local football club.
  7. 9.
    1. Ian Gavan / Getty
      Jamie and Spennie.
    2. Oscar Wilde.
    3. Flickr: areminder / Via Creative Commons
      This guy.
    1. Peter Kay.
    2. This guy.
    3. Clement Freud.
  8. 10.
  9. 12.
    1. I Should Buy A Boat Cat
    2. Grumpy Cat
    3. Henri The Existentialist Cat
    1. Colonel Meow, Former CEO of BuzzFeed (RIP)
    2. Serious Cat
    3. Builder Cat

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