The Weirdest Questions Asked By “The Wright Stuff” On Twitter

Cloning dinosaurs: are you for or against? posted on

2. “The Wright Stuff” is a chat show hosted by Matthew Wright, which airs in the mornings on Britain’s Channel 5. The show has a Twitter account. The Twitter account is amazing.

You got what, stuck where? Your tales of things you've got stuck in noses and ears.

4. It never replies to anybody. It never retweets anybody. It never links to anything. All it does is shout questions into the void. Amazing questions.

Should we bring back dinosaurs? Boffins reckon the science is nearly there. But should we? Just because we can, does that mean we should?

16. It’s not entirely clear that the questions even have answers.

17. And some of them have… well, really easy answers.

A 10 year old boy was told to change when he turned up in Nazi uniform for a school’s WW2 day. Since when have Nazi outfits been a no no?

20. Some of the questions are bit… well. You know.

Are there no-go zones for breastfeeding? Have you seen a mum breastfeed in a place you didn’t think it was appropriate.

The Coalition have made adopting black and asian kid easier. Are we in danger of downplaying the importance of racial identity in adoption?

23. It includes some really strong material on parenting.

Is it ok to give your teenager’s friends alcohol, without permission, if you’ve brought them along on holiday with you?


32. Some of its questions sound a bit like cries for help.

Are you wasting your life if you go on the same holiday, year in, year out?

37. Occasionally it just shouts at the heavens.

38. And every once in a while, it goes really angry and allcapsy and you start getting a bit scared of it.

42. And then, sometimes, it just turns into the Hulk.

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