18 People Who Have Really Nailed This Tinder Conversation Thing

Reasons why you should never swipe right.

1. It’s important to make a strong first impression.

ID: 3156452

2. Make sure you nail it right out of the gate.

ID: 3156632

3. Keep the conversation going.

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4. If in doubt, end on poop emojis.

ID: 3156443

5. Accuracy is important.

ID: 3156475

6. Be honest.

ID: 3156526

7. But not too honest.

ID: 3156469

8. Persistence: does not pay off.

ID: 3156580

9. Be romantic.

ID: 3156453

10. Remember: Whatever can go wrong, will.

ID: 3156508

11. Basically people are terrible.

ID: 3156536

12. People are weird.

ID: 3156576

13. People tell you too much about themselves.

ID: 3156567

14. People ask you things.

ID: 3156531

15. People are… I don’t know what people are.

ID: 3156500

16. The lesson of this is never talk to anybody ever.

ID: 3156519

17. If you find yourself in a conversation by accident, stop it quickly.

ID: 3157325

18. Because otherwise things like this happen and it will be aaaaawkward.

ID: 3156493

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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