22 Reasons To Still Be Cheerful About England

Forget the football. It’s not all dreadful.

1. So England are out of the World Cup.

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2. But DO NOT BE DOWNHEARTED. England is still a great nation. There is so much to be proud of.

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3. Englanders have class.

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4. Englanders always say what they mean.

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5. English people take the unexpected in their stride.

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6. England is a nation not easily impressed by fads.

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7. It’s a nation that is polite.

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8. A nation that prides itself on its good manners.

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9. But also on not beating around the bush.

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10. Englanders aren’t afraid to show their allegiance to their nation…

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11. …even if they have the good grace to turn their shirt inside out when they lose.

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12. The English are helpful people.

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13. Honest people.

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14. Eternally optimistic people who like barbecues.

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15. And, despite first impressions, a friendly, welcoming people.

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16. And whether they meet with triumph…

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17. …or disaster…

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18. …England treats those two imposters just the same.

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19. And the nation continues to quietly go about its business.

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20. So if life’s got you down, you know what to say to it:

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21. And then pick yourself up again…

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22. …and go to the pub.

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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